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Encouragement system (office setting incentive wages, the employment promotion incentive wages) of Tagawa-shi

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◆Incentive wages (office setting incentive wages) for capital spending

 We issue a total of *5% of throwing down fixed assets (※).               
 (※) The upper limit is 300 million yen


◆Incentive wages (the employment promotion incentive wages) for the employment

 We issue new hire X 500,000 yen (※).

 (※) When meet only following grant requirements 1, 2, is 200,000 yen for one
 (※) The upper limit is 30 million yen


 (grant requirements)

  What we employ continuously more than 1 one year.

  Reckoning after 2 employment after 90 days, and being Tagawa citizen and person insured of unemployment insurance more than one year.

  Continuing more than 180 days, and being person insured of health insurance and welfare annuity insurance after 3 employment at one year.


◆Facility where is targeted for encouragement

  • Factory
  • I T facility
  • The accommodations
  • Distribution facility
  • Research facility
  • Facility (※) where it is admitted that we greatly contribute to development of our city economy

 (※) The throwing down fixed assets total sum exceeds 1 billion yen and the total number such as new hires surpasses 30 people


◆Target requirements

  • The throwing down fixed assets total sum (※ 1) being 27 million yen or more.
  • New hires (※ 2) being five or more.
  • Paying city taxes fully.
 (※ 1)
 Expense required for the acquisition of land does not include.
 It is sum except consumption tax from expense (except used assets all) required for the acquisition of house and depreciable assets
 (※ 2)
 Being Tagawa citizen in people insured of unemployment insurance employed newly within 90 days after before of the operation start date.
 From day one year before the operation start date to the day before of the employment day, do not lose employment in office which equivalence company runs.
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