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About offer of public car advertisement

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 In Tagawa-shi, we raise advertisements to place in public car of city.

 As it is perfect opportunity to publicize group and company as running advertising tower for citizen and area, please consider by all means.



Target vehicle and insertion planned position

Vehicle type A

Vehicle type B

Vehicle type C

Publication example 1 vehicle type A (passenger side):

Publication example 2 vehicle type B (passenger side):

Publication example 3 vehicle type C (passenger side):


Vehicle type DVehicle type E

Publication example 4 vehicle type D (passenger side):

Publication example 5 vehicle type E (passenger side):


 ※When there was application for public car insertion from plural companies, about publication places of advertisement, we may have you discuss between companies.


Standards of advertisement

 ⑴ For advertisement, we shall state that it is paid advertisement clearly.

 ⑵ Materials of advertisement shall be able to endure long-term publication with special films which are available for detachment.

 ⑶ Direct to the body; cannot paint.

 ⑷ Expense that it costs for making, pasting up, removal of advertisement film is charged to advertiser.

 ⑸ When advertisement comes by reason not to come to responsibility of advertiser and lost, the Tagawa-shi side bears expense and restores accidents accompanied with service of public car.

   (we fade and thing due to aged deterioration such as detachment is excluded.)



Publication period of advertisement

 We assume three years limit and do with unit in January from the first day of month to the last day of the month. (update is possible, too.) 



Insertion rate

 ⑴ 1 yen example per monthly basis 1 square centimeter: In the case of size 50 centimeters wide by 50 centimeters long, it is 2,500 yen for one month

   ※When the publication start date is not the first day of month or when publication end day is not the last day of month, as for the publication rate of the moon concerned, it is sum that calculated 30th on a daily-rate basis as January.

 ⑵ Public car advertisement needs permission application procedure by Fukuoka Outdoor Advertisement Act to become outdoor advertising matter. Application fees are charged to advertiser.
   About outdoor advertising matter permission applicationWe open with the other window



Offer of insertion

 As you raise at any time, please consider.



Summary and standard

 On application, you read the following, and please confirm detailed publication conditions.

 Attachment The Tagawa-shi official business car insertion handling point With new window(Word document: 29.0KB)

 (about insertion procedure or condition to public car)


(note) advertisement is thing published based on standard that Tagawa-shi establishes, but, about publication contents and advertiser, Tagawa-shi recommends or do not guarantee.    

  All responsibility about advertisement contents publishing belongs to advertiser.

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