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Grant of 2020 Tagawa-shi culture promotion fund encouragement business

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We support civic art cultural activities

We support a part of the operating cost of art cultural activities that citizen's everybody works on by oneself in 2020.


Target business

Business to announce result of cultural activities that 1 citizen performs by oneself

Business that meetings inside and outside two countries participate in

Business to maintain equipment of 3 cultural activities groups

4 publications issuance business

Business to bring up human resources taking 5 art cultural activities


Business to exclude

It is performed for the purpose of 1 profit
We are recognized as public information, advertising business of 2 identification companies
It is aimed for politics of 3 identification or religious activity
Activity that we display for the purpose of contribution to 4 philanthropies in performance divided by line
Activities in group such as 5 schools, company, office and professional ability group
6 so-called professor places or lessons are meetings to review such as every everyday experience and presentations together with lesson to perform
Presentations to perform in 7 first rank schools
Activity of so-called appreciation group which produces by oneself, and does not carry out display in 8 performances
Grant of other city subsidies has already decided 9
In the case of 10 publications issuance business, we assume these activities occupation

Implementation period of business

From Wednesday, April 1, 2020 to Wednesday, March 31, 2021


The amount of furtherance

 Limit 300,000 yen (but it is sum of a one-third or less of operating costs)

Application period

From Friday, May 1 to Tuesday, June 30 ※It is excluded on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.


    Application method

    You list the requirements in application, and apply for person in charge of culture Lifelong Learning Division culture (the Tagawa-shi coal, history Museum) after bringing.
  • ※After application period, we examine in culture promotion fund encouragement business screening committee and decide having furtherance or not.

    Application style

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