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We are pitched with all efforts by Tagawa reproduction! Theme of ... second quarter is promotion ... of emigration, domiciliation policy

Mayor Tagawa Futaba Kimito
I think, "we want to live here"
We send attractive Tagawa and promote emigration, domiciliation!
Mayor Tagawa Futaba Kimito (futaba kimito)
 It was born in January 19, 1957
 We are a graduate from Tagawa High School in 1975
 1979 Aoyama Gakuin University graduation
 2007 Tagawa-shi congressist (the first)
 2011 Tagawa-shi congressist (the second)
 2015 Mayor Tagawa (the first)
 2019 - Mayor Tagawa (the second)
All of you hello. It is Futaba Kimito of Mayor Tagawa.
I for realization of "wait Tagawa which all citizens can be proud" of until now "beautiful town planning" "new industry creation" "education reform" "child care support"
We raised four pillars for Tagawa reproduction called this and worked on municipal administration administration and repeated the certain results.
In addition to these four pillars which we worked on, we start newer policy and promote emigration, domiciliation until now.

Main shaft does not change; "four pillar"

We fixed four pillar of "beautiful town planning" "new industry creation" "education reform" "child care support" in the pivot of policy since Futaba municipal administration was born in April, 2015 and worked for Tagawa reproduction. In past four years, we worked on all of four pillars by understanding of citizen's everybody and cooperation and were able to promote. We promote embodiment so that approach that sent out buds so far is beautiful and is had a heated main shaft with four pillar as for future four years.

[town planning that 1 is beautiful]

Volunteer registration surpasses 5,000 people of aim, and after that civic power gathers one after another. How the power is shown will be the pivot in future. We deepen cooperation to play an active part in town planning, health, the welfare, various fields including international exchange. In addition, we push forward maintenance of park and street, inflection of Tagawa-Ita station building which we renewed. Civic smiles to work hard for volunteer increase and as scenery of town changes brightly, plans breakaway from gloomy image.

[2 new industry creation]

Birth continues advancing various industry such as branding of gibier product by "gibier ikorekoku" which "cannot say, and was cool by birth of Palette", cultivation of paprika by person of future agriculture, local food culture utilizing old Iikane elementary school by young manager. In addition, we show new way of working that telework center "katete" does not get snagged on at time and open network of attractive human resources. We further increase places of industry and the employment only by such Tagawa and, in response to will "that young people's which "we want to work" wants to challenge", promote emigration, domiciliation of the young group.

[3 education reform]

We recorded new wind on introduction of Mt. 隂 method and Ogawa-style learning method, introduction of electronic board, the spot of learning of children including promotion of English education in connection with Aoyama Gakuin University until now. Junior high student gained excellent results by English speech contest and was able to see sign of improvement in English ability last year. However, education reform spends long time, and effect appears. We will continue in future and push forward education reform so that education that we received in Tagawa has it be human resources supporting flower cut open and dried, future Tagawa with the future of children each.

[4 child care support]

We added to maintenance of structure which supported distribution of child care coupon and start of junior high school lunch, child and family of 0 years old - 18 years old without break, and perfection free of childcare charges started making from this April. We send charm called "town where there is child care in peace" based on such an environmental maintenance widely and plan promotion of emigration, domiciliation.


We make kenko (health) city

The care prevention and restraint of medical expenses, revitalization of the town by extension of healthy life expectancy are urgent business while aging advances. Therefore we aim at smart wellness city (kenkotoshi) in keyword in "let's become kenko on foot". Specifically, we work on "the making of happiness" by encouragement, periodic medical examinations such as sports, cultural activities, volunteer or support of vaccination, and anyone is healthy, and "health promotion" by care trampoline or food education turns into town which we can live for happily.


For convenience more in compact city plus network

Compact city collects functions necessary for life including commercial areas and administration in central city area (Ita, gotoji) and form network with place of residence in public transportation network, and they are plan to raise convenience. When aging advances and thinks about the situation of these days when people giving up driving of car increase, enhancement of public transport is essential. We devise location adequacy plan and the local public transportation network formation plan and will push forward realization of compact city and maintenance of public transportation network in future.


Is over 2,020 years, to symbiosis society

Our city accepts Germany and wheelchair fencing team of Belarusian two countries participating in Tokyo 2020 Paralympics tournament. We hold the barrier-free training or international exchange event of mind that citizen can participate in with it is maintenance of training camp by trailer, soft aspect on hardware surface and breed the time. Furthermore, we fix our eyes on former Tagawa of 2020 and accelerate approach as "leading symbiosis society host town". Impaired person pushes forward livable town development to few person, too and aims at person with a disability sports promotion city "welfare nomachitagawa".


We want to protect citizen from disaster

In late years it is administrative important issue to keep life of citizen's everybody from earthquake and flood to occur frequently. We conclude phase each other support agreement at Shimabara-shi, Nagasaki and Mitsuke-shi, Niigata, Soja-shi, Okayama and disaster that are advanced place of disaster prevention until now. In addition, we concluded disaster prevention partnership agreement with Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting (KBC) and strengthened the support system. It is made with structure to tell about review of hazard map and support of voluntary disaster prevention organization, disaster information, evacuation order quickly and, in addition to these, lays emphasis and protects citizen's life, property.


It is ... to the town where I think that we want to live promotion - here of emigration, domiciliation policy

The second theme "promotion of emigration, domiciliation policy." New policy starts four pillar for Tagawa reproduction to main shaft, and anyone turns this Tagawa into attractive town where I think, "we want to live here" from child to elderly person and promotes emigration, domiciliation.

Power of citizen's everybody is necessary to realize big proposition called "reproduction of Tagawa".

We take "town development of civic collaboration" into consideration and will make the future of Tagawa together from now on.



Past approach


We carry out all of "four pillar for Tagawa reproduction"


Tagawa-Ita Station renewalClass with electronic board

◆Beautiful town planning

LED of establishment/street maintenance/crime prevention light of 5,000 volunteers group maintenance of repair/Tagawa-Ita station building, station square of/Maruyama Park

◆Education reform

Introduction of English education/electronic board, electron textbook by cooperation with introduction/Aoyama Gakuin University of Mt. 隂 method, Ogawa-style learning method


PaprikaJunior high school lunch

◆New industry creation

Profit conjugating/telework center of maintenance/old Iikane elementary school of paprika cultivation facility and gibier food processing facility newly establishment of electric power company

◆Child care support

We become complete free of childcare charges of child care assistance measures establishment/0 years old - 5 years old of school lunch start/0 years old - 18 years old out of distribution/of child care coupon


The Tokyo Olympics Paralympics prior camping invitation

      ▼Photo: Michael Schwartz

Germany and signingSigning in BelarusSymbiosis society host town summit
Primary schoolchild and interchangeOne year ago eventWheelchair fencing


Our city takes a turn for Hamburg in Germany in August, 2018 and concludes agreement to decide prior campground of German car chair fencing team participating in Tokyo 2020 Paralympics tournament in Tagawa-shi. Furthermore, we received percussion to want to camp in advance with Germany from Belarusian team where Germany and friendship were deep and came to bind agreement together with Belarus on September 9, 2019.

In September, team of Germany Belarus participating in wheelchair fencing world meeting (September, Korea) visits our city and carries out the first camp and joint exercise. We held "Tokyo 2020 meeting one year ago event in Tagawa" to this and established opportunity of citizen's experience, interchange including interchange event with experience, player of visit of public exercise and para-sports. We will push forward approach in future to raise awareness for Tokyo Olympics Paralympics tournament, and to give city, and to entertain players. 


Switch of promotion, sewage treatment policy of integrated administration of a large region


Domiciliation independence areaWater supply business unificationirahara dam
Refuse disposal facility constructionSeptic tankRiver environment


We conclude "the Tagawa wide area domiciliation independence zone formation agreement" in eight Tagawa and start scholarship system of payment type. Joint construction of garbage, human waste processing ground was decided, too.

In addition, we integrated water supply business with our city in 1 city and 3 towns of Kawasaki-machi, Itoda-machi, Fukuchi-machi.

By sewage treatment measures of city, we switch policy to sewage treatment with merger processing septic tank not the sewer. We push forward the making of structure for the spread of septic tanks.

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