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About correspondence of new coronavirus infectious disease

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About correspondence of new coronavirus infectious disease

 As of July 7, new coronavirus infectious disease does not occur among Tagawa citizens, but is the occurring situation in Tagawa-gun.
   Citizen's all of you will wash their hands even more in future, and action to avoid prophylaxis including wearing of mask and sealing, crowd, closeness, please.




 It is news from Fukuoka.


Correspondence ... of Fukuoka after cancellation of ... emergency declaration

 From now on, it will be opposite to new coronavirus until vaccine and therapeutic drug are developed, and group immunity is got again.

 We start consciousness and action of each citizen of the prefecture whether you overcome this fight, and, once again, local power and unity are asked.


 It is> about correspondence after <June 19

  In Fukuoka, we plan relaxation of preventive measures against infection spread except Kita-Kyushu shi based on the infection situation after "emergency declaration" of May 14 cancellation from June 1

   It was decided. In addition, about Kita-Kyushu shi which rapid increase of infected person was seen in, we ask for the non-pivot non-sudden going out self-restraint, closure request to a part facility sequentially

 We did.
  Many citizens of the prefecture who had understanding and cooperation until now, all of the companies and medical personnel having you struggle in the medical front line, it is society on the site variously

 For all of you having you support this, we thank some other time.

  In the Kita-Kyushu shi, infected person of 156 in total appeared from May 23 to June 16, but, as for the number of the infected people per day, average for latest one week is 1. With four people

 It becomes, and infection is calming down, and evaluation of expert is similar, too.

  In addition, because, in this prefecture, preparations for bed will call for maintenance of the acceptance system for medical facility in future when invited extended situation of infection, original index ("Fukuoka corona

 Measures that citizen of the prefecture, companies should take in addition when we set warning) and judge based on this index generally, and medical care might be tight

 We decide to be assigned to this, and to start examination.
  In state with surplus energy enough for the medical care offer system not level that the current situation enters in preparation for securing of medical offer system when we compare with this "Fukuoka corona warning"

 There is.

  Thus, gradually raising level of society economic activities while working on prevention of re-expansion of infection and maintenance, security of the medical offer system in Fukuoka

 We do this.


 1. Cancellation of measures in Kita-Kyushu shi

   About the following measures in Kita-Kyushu shi, we cancel from June 19.

  1.    (1) The non-pivot non-sudden going out self-restraint request to the prefectural inside and outside for Kitakyusyu citizen
  2.    (2) Held self-restraint request of entertainments (events) in Kita-Kyushu shi
  3.    (3) Restaurant with reception in Kita-Kyushu shi, closure request for live house

   With this, it is June 19 about prefectural Kanmon Straits museum closed temporarily, Kitakyusyu working youth Cultural Center, Hiraodai nature observation center

  We reopen from this.


 2. Approach (every prefecture including Kita-Kyushu shi) after June 19

 (1) Going out

  1.    Oh, about movement to Hokkaido, Saitama, Chiba, Tokyo that decided to demand careful correspondence and Kanagawa, we cancel from June 19.
  2.    Have a series of i pull, and, in the case of going out, pay attention to the infection situation of destination enough, thing corresponding to carefulness
         In addition, you carry out preventive measures against infection by each person thoroughly, and avoid going out to place where preventive measures against infection are insufficient
  3.    About sightseeing in cormorant promotion, we decided to work from sightseeing in the prefecture, but, after June 19, enable attracting tourist from outside the prefecture.


 (2) Holding of entertainments (events)

    Holding using the following as an indication about entertainments (events) sequentially (it follows this about exhibition, trade fair)

     PDF Indication We open with the other window(PDF: 34.9 kilobytes) of graded relaxation of held limit of entertainments (events)

     PDF Preventive measures against infection in holding of entertainments (events) We open with the other window(PDF: 47.7 kilobytes)


 (3) Preventive measures against infection of facility

    Sequentially all facility managers "seat placement that left every direction" of every facility type including "appropriate disinfection and cleaning in replacing of visitor" was thorough

   Take preventive measures against infection surely
    Particularly, about facility which cluster produced in the country, take preventive measures against severe infection


            For more details, please refer to "(after June 19) to ask to each facility for prevention of new coronavirus infection spread" We open with the other window(external link).


 (4) Attendance to the workplace

    Reduce teleworking (telework), staggered office hours, contact with person including bicycle commuting

 (5) Practice of new lifestyle

    Is "new lifestyle" to prevent infection spread sequentially, of every each scene of evasion and life of distance, the three secrets with mask, hand-washing, person is new

   About style, plan practice depending on each everyday life


            For more details, "please cooperate with fixation of "new lifestyle" that assumed new coronavirus", and please see We open with the other window(external link).


    ※ Because wearing of mask which is high in temperature, humidity might become at increased risk of heat stroke, "outdoors people and enough distance (2m or more)

     When can find, take mask, at "place that can secure enough distance (2m or more) with neighboring people, take off mask temporarily, and take a break"

     By taking off nado, appropriate mask, plan the prevention of heat stroke


 (6) About consultation to medical institutions

    When you correspond to one of a - cormorants, talk with "returnee, contact consultation center"

  1.      Oh, when there is one of the strong symptoms such as suffocation (dyspnea), strong tiredness (lassitude), high heat
  2.      When, in of person and pregnant woman who are easy to become i serious case, there is symptom of a relatively light cold such as fever or a cough
  3.      When cormorant is except mentioning above, and symptom of a relatively light cold including fever and a cough continues

    Talk on the telephone beforehand by all means without having a medical examination directly when we have symptom of a cold including fever and a cough and receive family medicine

  3. About human rights violations

  By anxiety and prejudice for new coronavirus for infected person and medical personnel, and the family maintaining social function slander slander is discriminatory

 Human rights violations such as correspondence are taking place.
  Heartless behavior, discrimination are not certainly permitted. Calm action that never went along with such an action to citizens of the prefecture, and was based on reliable information

 We would like this.


      For more details, "let's get rid of prejudice and discrimination about new coronavirus infectious disease", and please see We open with the other window(external link).


 4. Conclusion

  Expansion of infection in this Kita-Kyushu shi is calming down by your cooperation, and you spread under the every prefecture, and can check the second wave and situation that it is

 We are.
  There will be infected person in the situation that can occur when and where from now on while we give level of social economic activities. Therapeutic drug and vaccine

 It is necessary to face new coronavirus infectious disease for a long time until we can do it.
  Consciousness and action of each citizens of the prefecture take whether you overcome this fight, and, once again, local power and unity are asked. Past effort

 For conduct of preventive measures against practice of "new lifestyle" to prevent infection spread without stopping paying attention to have that we come to foam and thorough infection,

 Please work well.
  Understanding and cooperation, please to finish even if we do not take measures such as going out self-restraint or closure of facility that will force all of you to inconvenient living again.  



 ... that practice island carries ... "new lifestyle"

   Depending on action of one, past effort comes to coming to naught and will move back per person. To prevent infection spread, "new lifestyle"

  Please cooperate with fixation of this.

     In addition, with the following points in mind, let's make infectious disease measures while being careful about heat stroke.

  ・Mask wearing is to watch out while temperature is humid

  ・We drink water diligently even if not thirsty at the time of mask wearing

  ・When we can secure enough distance (2 meters or more) with people outdoors, we take off mask


   For details, please refer to We open with the other window(external link) for "new lifestyle".






1. To citizen's all of you

  ⑴  With new coronavirus infectious disease

    There is many that fever and sore throat, a cough are prolonged (around one week), and it features that there is more reporting with strong tiredness (lassitude).

   It is mild, and there are many repaired examples, but it is thought that it is at increased risk for being aggravated in comparison with seasonal flu even if infected. When is aggravated; pneumonia

 As the neighbor, the death example are confirmed, let's be careful. Possibility that and advanced age with underlying disease are easy to be aggravated is thought in particular about.


   New coronavirus is transmitted by droplet infection and contact infection. A great many people in space, short distance that it was thought that air infection was not taking place, but was closed down

  Attention is necessary for conversations of this.

   ・Droplet infection

     Virus is released with spray (sneezing, a cough, saliva) of infected person and other people breathe in the virus from mouth or nose and are infected.

   ・Contact infection

     We are accompanied by virus after infected person suppressed sneezing and a cough by hand when we touch thing of the circumference by the hand. When other people touch in that, virus attaches to hand,

    We are infected from mucous membrane when we touch with the hand with mouth and nose.


  ⑵  Be careful in everyday life      
     As for the common point of outbreaks, "fear that unspecified number of people touch "ventilation is bad" "space that people gather thickly and spend" is high place" particularly.

     Ventilation is bad, and please avoid that you gather in space that people spend gathering thickly in group.


     "Point of 10 to reduce contact with people 80%" (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare homepage) (open with new window) We open with the other window(external link)


   ○ Hand-washing

   At first, hand-washing is important. Let's wash hand with soap or alcohol antiseptic solution diligently in return from whereabouts and before and after of cooking, before meal.
Right how to wash of the hand


   ○ A cough etiquette

   When person with symptoms such as a cough suppresses a cough and sneezing by hand, virus attaches to the thing which touched by hand, through doorknobs in other disease

  As you may move, please hold a cough etiquette.

     A cough etiquette


 ○ Point ... of thing - eight that we will be careful among families when new coronavirus infection is doubted by family


  [1 will divide room]
   ・Let's make private room. (meal when you sleep, please assume another room.)
   ・Patient will prevent you from going out of room as much as possible. (the use of joint ownership space will minimize restroom, bathroom.)


  [in that care of infected person was limited as possible 2 to]
   ・With chronic disease, diabetes, immunity which decreased, pregnant woman, please avoid one taking care of of infected person in heart, the lungs, kidney.


  [3 will touch mask]
   ・Please do not take out mask which you used into other rooms.
   ・Please do not touch the surface of mask. (when we take off mask, we pick up rubber and string, and let's take off.)
   ・After having taken off mask, let's wash hand with soap by all means.
   ※When we do a cough and sneezing when there is not mask, let's cover mouth and nose with tissues.


  [4 will wash hand diligently]
   ・Let's wash hand with soap diligently.
   ・Let's do alcohol disinfection.


  [5 will ventilate]
   ・Please ventilate regularly. (we leave window open, and let's ventilate joint ownership space and other rooms.)


  [6 will sterilize joint ownership part to touch by hand]
   ・After having wiped with commercial home chlorine-based bleaching agent which we weakened, common use part (door handle, knob, Bet fence) will wet-wipe.
   ・It is normal home detergent and restroom and washroom are over, and will sterilize with home disinfectant diligently.
   ・Please do not use thing before cleaning in common.


  [7 will wash dirty linen, clothes]
   ・When you handle dirty clothing, linen with body fluid, you put gloves and mask, and you wash, and please completely dry with general household use detergent.


  [8 seals garbage, and let's throw away]
   ・You put tissue which blew its nose in the plastic bag immediately, and when you provide outdoors, you seal, and please throw away. (after having thrown away, let's wash hand with soap promptly.


   ・The person, please avoid going out.
   ・Family, person lived together guess passion, and do healthy observation, non-required; avoid non-sudden going out, particularly with symptoms such as a cough or fever sometimes in the workplaces

    Please do not go.


   PDF Point ... We open with the other window(PDF: 950.5 kilobytes) of thing - eight that we will be careful in home


         PDF Disinfection flyer We open with the other window(PDF: 132.5 kilobytes)



 2. About consultation, consultation when new coronavirus infectious disease is doubted

  ⑴ Consultation about consultation of medical institution

  •     In the prefecture, we establish "returnee, contact consultation center" and "returnee, contact outpatient department".

  •         In "returnee, contact consultation center" installing in public health center, we are consulted about where new coronavirus infectious disease is doubted and touch.

  •     When you correspond to at least any of the following, please talk with the center immediately. (consultation when we do not correspond to these is possible.)


  •   ・ When there is one of the strong symptoms such as suffocation (dyspnea), strong tiredness (lassitude), high heat


  •   ・ When, in (note) that is easy to be aggravated, there is symptom of a relatively light cold such as fever or a cough

  •     (note) elderly person, diabetes, heart failure, respiratory illnesses (COPD) with underlying disease and person undergoing dialysis,

  •       Person who uses immunosuppressive drug or anticancer agent


  •   ・ When symptom of a relatively light cold including fever and a cough continues in except the above
       (when symptom continues more than four days, please consult by all means. As there are individual differences in symptom, please talk immediately when you think to be strong symptom.

  •    Person who must continue taking antifebriles is similar.)


     ○ Toward the pregnant woman
       When we arrive at pregnant woman, like that is easy to be aggravated just to make sure, please consult with returnee, contact center early.

        ※ For more details, please refer to "new coronavirus infectious disease information for pregnant woman" We open with the other window(external link).


     ○ To person having child
       Medical examination by pediatrician is desirable, and please consult with returnee, contact center and family pediatric care organization about children over telephones.


       When new coronavirus infection is suspected as a result of consultation in center, we introduce "returnee, contact outpatient" (the prefecture 44 medical institution).

       You wear mask, and you avoid the use of public transport such as train, bus, taxi, and please have a medical examination.

             As for thing, fever or cough to talk about with returnee, contact consultation center that public health center sets up when we doubt new coronavirus on the telephone,

      Please consult on the telephone beforehand by all means without having a medical examination directly when we have a cold symptom and receive family medicine.


       From March 6, you became able to carry out polymerase chain reaction test in private inspection organization. When it is judged that polymerase chain reaction test is necessary for returnee, contact outpatient,

      We can be examined by insurance application. Please refer to the following material for flow until inspection
            Flow May 8 of inspection


             Contact information 0947-42-9379 of weekdays (from 8:30 to 17:00) of Tagawa public health center (returnee, contact consultation center) 
        ※Saturday and Sunday, night contact information 092-471-0264



     ⑵ Consultation about general thing
       General consultation about new coronavirus infectious disease supports in the following consultation counter.


       ○  Telephone consultation counter 0120-565653 (toll free number) of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
              (correspondence time is from 9:00 to 21:00. (we carry out on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays))

         ※ Including person with impaired hearing, does person having difficult consultation over telephone use FAX (03-3595-2756)?

           Please see federation of general incorporated foundation all-Japan deafness and dumbness homepage.

  •     Fukuoka prefectural government office Fukuoka new model coronavirus infectious disease public consultation counter (24 hours correspondence)

  •         Phone number 092-643-3288
            FAX number 092-643-3697


  •      ※ We have very much consultation, inquiries, and the situation that call is hard to be connected by time is occurring now.

  •        When okakenoo call is not connected, I am sorry to trouble you, but we put time and would appreciate your hanging again.

  •        We would like your understanding and cooperation.  


  •  ⑶ Consultation in Foreign Languages (when we talk in foreign language)

  •    Cases of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) have been confirmed in Fukuoka prefecture. You can find information about 

  •    coronavirus (hotlines, measures of protecting yourself and preventing the spread of diseases) on the following website;

  •         Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) advice for the public (Opens in a new window)




     3. Main support about new coronavirus infectious disease


      Business support

        PDF Company support We open with the other window(PDF: 129.9 kilobytes)





      Personal support (newly)

       PDF Personal support (newly) We open with the other window(PDF: 142 kilobytes)




     4. About correspondence of city facility accompanied with emergency declaration cancellation and city business

    1 correspondence after the cancellation

    2 correspondence after the cancellation

    3 correspondence after the cancellation
       PDF About correspondence of city facility accompanied with emergency declaration cancellation and city business We open with the other window(PDF: 209 kilobytes)





     5. Other news

     ⑴ About the correspondence situation to dissolve lack such as masks

    • The cause of the situation that new coronavirus infectious disease increases, various gossip flow. We ascertain right information, and we do not seem to be confused by false rumor

      Please be careful.
         About masks, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry request affiliate about steady supply including increase in production, mask and antiseptic solution, restroom

      It cooperates and gives a public-private response to dissolve lack of paper.
       Understanding, cooperation and calm correspondence, please so that masks reach necessary people.

       PDF About mask ask (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Consumer Affairs Agency and national mask industry society leaflet); We open with the other window(PDF: 261 kilobytes)

         Cooperate, and is giving a public-private response to dissolve situation ... lack of mask and antiseptic solution and toilet paper; ... (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry homepage) (open with new window)


             In addition, from country, mask made of two pieces of cloth per 1 address is distributed sequentially by the metropolis and districts with much number of the infected people.

             Please refer to We open with the other window(external link) which "mask made of cloth is distributed to by country" for the details.


     ⑵ About the virus prevention
       For the prevention of new coronavirus which infection spreads through, we recommend disinfection by hand-washing or alcohol nationwide. In addition to them,

      There was reporting that "exercise" was effective from University of Tsukuba to raise immunity to protect the body from virus. In total enteral environment

      "Meal" and "smile" to fix are to be important.

       We raise immunity by "exercise" and "meal" which we can take in casually and "smile", and let's protect the body from viral infection.

         PDF [from University of Tsukuba] The coronavirus prevention works on hand-washing sleep, meal We open with the other window(PDF: 972.6 kilobytes)


          University of Tsukuba flyer (the surface)

          University of Tsukuba flyer (the back side)

     ⑶ New coronavirus contact confirmation application (COCOA)

       So that Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare contributes to extended prevention of new coronavirus infectious disease, Corona new in cooperation with new coronavirus infectious disease measures tech team

      We developed virus contact confirmation application (COCOA ※). This contact confirmation application receives notice about possibility that we came into contact in form not to understand each other

      It is structure that there is thing. ※COVID-19 Contact Confirming Application
       Assuming agreement of the person, secure privacy using proximity communication facility (Bluetooth) of smartphone not to know each other,

      We can be informed about possibility that we came into contact with positive person of new coronavirus infectious disease.
       By knowing possibility that we came into contact with positive person, user can receive support of public health center including consultation of inspection early. As users increase

      It is expected to lead to prevention of infection spread.
       For details, please see "new coronavirus contact confirmation application (COCOA) COVID-19 Contact-Confirming Application" We open with the other window(external link).



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