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About correspondence of new coronavirus infectious disease

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About correspondence of new coronavirus infectious disease

1. To citizen's all of you

 ⑴  With new coronavirus infectious disease

    There is many that fever and sore throat, a cough are prolonged (around one week), and it features that there is more reporting with strong tiredness (lassitude).

  It is mild, and there are many repaired examples, but it is thought that it is at increased risk for being aggravated in comparison with seasonal flu even if infected. It is pneumonia when aggravated,

  •  As the death example is confirmed, let's be careful. Possibility that and advanced age with underlying disease are easy to be aggravated is thought in particular about.

        New coronavirus is transmitted by droplet infection and contact infection. Of a great many people in space, short distance that it was thought that air infection was not taking place, but was closed down

  •  Attention is necessary for conversations.

    •    ・Virus is released with spray (sneezing, a cough, saliva) of droplet infection infected person and other people breathe in the virus from mouth or nose and are infected
    •          We do.
    •    ・We are accompanied by virus after contact infection infected person suppressed sneezing and a cough by hand when we touch thing of the circumference by the hand.
    •          When other people touch in that, virus attaches to hand and infects from mucous membrane when it touches with mouth and nose by the hand.
    •   ⑵  Be careful in everyday life

   In citizen's all of you, try for infectious diseases measures such as hand-washing or a cough etiquette like influenza without worrying excessively

  You have, and you avoid place where there are many as possible crowds, and please warn with chronic disease, person of advanced age even more.


  •  ○ Hand-washing

   At first, hand-washing is important. Let's wash hand with soap or alcohol antiseptic solution diligently in return from whereabouts and before and after of cooking, before meal.
Right how to wash of the hand

 ○ A cough etiquette

   When person with symptoms such as a cough suppresses a cough and sneezing by hand, virus attaches to the thing which touched by hand, through doorknobs in other disease

  As you may move, please hold a cough etiquette.

     A cough etiquette
   You avoid place where there are many as possible crowds, and please warn with chronic disease, advanced age, pregnant even more.


 ○ When symptom of cold such as fever is seen, we are absent from school and company and avoid going out that we use public transport, going out to many places of crowd and undergo medical treatment at home

  Please do.

   If symptom of cold such as fever is seen, you measure temperature, and please record every day.

   [reference] ... each one knows possible measures for new coronavirus infectious disease; and in this way ... (the Prime Minister's office homepage) We open with the other window(external link)

   ○ As for the common point of outbreaks, "fear that unspecified number of people touch "ventilation is bad" "space that people gather thickly and spend" is high place" particularly.

     Ventilation is bad, and please avoid that you gather in space that people spend gathering thickly in group.

       Mass outbreak prevention flyer


2. About consultation, consultation when new coronavirus infectious disease is doubted

  ⑴ Consultation about consultation of medical institution

  •     In the prefecture, we establish "returnee, contact consultation center" and "returnee, contact outpatient department".

  •         In "returnee, contact consultation center" installing in public health center, we are consulted about where new coronavirus infectious disease is doubted and touch.

  •    When we have the following symptom, please consult with the center.

  •    (1) Symptom of a cold and 37. Fever 5 degrees Celsius or more continues more than four days (they include time when they must continue taking antifebrile)

  •    (2) There are strong tiredness (lassitude) and suffocation (dyspnea)
  •    ※ In addition, please consult with returnee, contact consultation center about the following people when this state lasts around two days.

                ・ Elderly person

        ・ Diabetes, heart failure, respiratory illness (COPD) with underlying disease and person who undergoes dialysis

        ・ Person who uses immunosuppressive drug or anticancer agent

       ※ Please consult with returnee, contact consultation center about pregnant person early.


       When new coronavirus infection is suspected as a result of consultation in center, introduce "returnee, contact outpatient" (the prefecture 44 medical institution)

      We are. You wear mask, and you avoid the use of public transport such as train, bus, taxi, and please have a medical examination.

             As for thing, fever or cough to talk about with returnee, contact consultation center that public health center sets up when we doubt new coronavirus on the telephone,

      Please consult on the telephone beforehand by all means without having a medical examination directly when we have a cold symptom and receive family medicine.


       From March 6, you became able to carry out polymerase chain reaction test in private inspection organization. When it is judged that polymerase chain reaction test is necessary for returnee, contact outpatient,

      We can be examined by insurance application. Please refer to the following material for flow until inspection
    Flow of inspection

             Contact information 0947-42-9379 of weekdays (from 8:30 to 17:00) of Tagawa public health center (returnee, contact consultation center) 
        ※Contact information 092-471-0264 of the night, holiday


     ⑵ Consultation about general thing
       General consultation about new coronavirus infectious disease supports in the following consultation counter.


       ○  Telephone consultation counter 0120-565653 (toll free number) of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
              (correspondence time is from 9:00 to 21:00. (we carry out on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays))

         ※ Including person with impaired hearing, does person having difficult consultation over telephone use FAX (03-3595-2756)?

           Please see federation of general incorporated foundation all-Japan deafness and dumbness homepage.

  •     Person in charge of Fukuoka prefectural government office cancer infectious disease illness measures section infectious disease measures 092-643-3288
           (correspondence time is from 8:30 to 17:15 on weekdays.)
            FAX number 092-643-3331


  •      ※ We have very much consultation, inquiries, and the situation that call is hard to be connected by time is occurring now.

  •        When okakenoo call is not connected, I am sorry to trouble you, but we put time and would appreciate your hanging again.

  •        We would like your understanding and cooperation.  


    •  ⑶ Consultation in Foreign Languages (when we talk in foreign language)
    •        Cases of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) have been confirmed in Fukuoka prefecture. You can find information about

    •        coronavirus (hotlines, measures of protecting yourself and preventing the spread of diseases) on the following website;

               Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) advice for the public (Opens in a new window)


     3. Other news

     ⑴ About mask, antiseptic solution and toilet paper

    •   ※ Please being careful as consumers when we cope with expansion of new coronavirus infectious disease

        The cause of the situation that new coronavirus infectious disease increases, various gossip flow. We ascertain right information, and we do not seem to be confused by false rumor

       Please be careful.
        About masks, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry request affiliate about steady supply including increase in production, mask and antiseptic solution, restroom

       It cooperates and gives a public-private response to dissolve lack of paper.
        Understanding, cooperation and calm correspondence, please so that masks reach necessary people.

       PDF About mask ask (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Consumer Affairs Agency and national mask industry society leaflet); We open with the other window(PDF: 261 kilobytes)

         Cooperate, and is giving a public-private response to dissolve situation ... lack of mask and antiseptic solution and toilet paper; ... (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry homepage) (open with new window)


     ⑵ About the virus prevention
       For the prevention of new coronavirus which infection spreads through, we recommend disinfection by hand-washing or alcohol nationwide. In addition to them,

      There was reporting that "exercise" was effective from University of Tsukuba to raise immunity to protect the body from virus. In total enteral environment

      "Meal" and "smile" to fix are to be important.

       We raise immunity by "exercise" and "meal" which we can take in casually and "smile", and let's protect the body from viral infection.

         PDF [from University of Tsukuba] The coronavirus prevention works on hand-washing sleep, meal We open with the other window(PDF: 972.6 kilobytes)


          University of Tsukuba flyer (the surface)

          University of Tsukuba flyer (the back side)



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