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Do you know? CKD (chronic kidney disease)

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With CKD (chronic kidney disease)…?

 With CKD (chronic kidney disease), function of kidney decreases in less than 60% of healthy people and,

 Or abnormality of kidney such as appearing says prolonged state proteinuria.

 Artificial dialysis and renal transplantation might be necessary when we just leave alone.

 One of eight people of adult is estimated at patients in CKD and in late years attracts attention as new national illness.


 ●Definition of CKD●

 (1)There is clear disability in kidney by urinalysis and blood image, examination for image.

 (2)Less than 60% of people that filtration function (eGFR) of kidney is healthy

   (1)State that either or both ,(2) follow more than three months


 It often progresses in the early days with there not being symptom,

  When we came to be able to notice symptoms such as swelling or anemia

      Disease may considerably progress. 


Function of kidney

The kidney human body
 Kidney is organ of size of broad beans-shaped clenched fist.
 There is by one right and left around the waist. Role of kidney is four of the following mainly.
 (1)We filter blood and take out waste material outside body as urine.
 (2)We control blood pressure.
 (3)We regulate internal environment including quantity of moisture, salt, body fluid of body.
 (4)We secrete hormone keeping bone, blood pressure, blood normally.

Let's receive specific medical examination

 When kidney gets worse once, we may not return to original state naturally.

 However, by improvement of early treatment and lifestyle, we can suppress progress.

 Early detection is the most important for the prevention! Let's receive specific medical examination once a year!



★Let's confirm state of kidney by medical examination

 (1) Urinalysis
    ○Urine proteinuria protein does not usually appear in urine. When function of kidney decreases, we come to appear in urine. 
    ○Urine occult bleeding urine occult blood does not usually appear in urine. When there is bleeding from kidney and ureter, bladder, the urethra, blood comes to be mixed in urine.
 (2) Blood test
    ○Serum Cr Cr (creatinine) is kind of waste material. When function of kidney gets worse, we save in blood without being excreted in urine.
           If this number is high, we judge that filtration function of kidney decreases.
    ○eGFR    Kidney is number indicating ability to excrete waste material. We made estimation from the serum creatinine level and age, sex.
           If this number becomes less than 60, we judge that renal function decreases.
    ○HbA1c    With value that reflected average state of blood sugar level of the past 1-2 months, we know state of blood sugar control.
           As state with high blood sugar level continues, blood vessel of kidney is tense and is connected for aggravation of kidney function.
           It is diabetes if we say that blood sugar level rises, but diabetes is one of the representative diseases to let CKD move.
           Diabetic nephropathy that is complications of diabetes becomes the first place of cause disease of artificial dialysis introduction.

CKD and lifestyle-related disease are related closely




・Kidney is organ that capillaries gathered. We have "filtration" of blood and make urine

 We are doing duty of filter. Such as "obesity" and "high blood pressure" "diabetes"

 Lifestyle-related disease hurts capillary of kidney and reduces function of kidney.

 In addition, CKD worsens lifestyle-related disease, and vicious circle occurs between both.


・CKD raises the onset rate of cardiovascular illness (myocardial infarction and stroke, heart failure),

 It turns out that we raise the death rate by that.




★Improvement of lifestyle is important.

 Even if diagnosis of lifestyle-related disease is not done, good meal of balance and moderate exercise,

 It leads to suppressing the prevention and progress of CKD to review lifestyle including non-smoking.







Tagawa district CKD, diabetes prevention cooperation system

 For the purpose of decrease of patient becoming artificial dialysis introduction in Tagawa-shi county and the prevention of cardiovascular illness such as myocardial infarction, heart failure, stroke,

 We began operation of "Tagawa district CKD, diabetes prevention cooperation system" in April, 2018.

 Family medicine and local government cooperate with kidney specialist and work on the aggravation prevention of CKD and diabetes.


   ★For more information, look here.

    Tagawa district CKD, diabetes prevention cooperation system We open with the other window(external link)

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