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Tagawa-shi children chronicity identification illness children begin everyday life tool payment business (supporting system)

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We support some or all of expense that is necessary for the purchase of everyday life tool to support person having difficulty in running everyday life by children chronicity identification illness.



 Eligible people

 Tool (17 kinds) which is targeted for payment


[person corresponding to all next important matters] 


⑴Person who has address in Tagawa-shi 

⑵Person who possesses identification of children chronicity identification illness medical care recipient

(under 18 years old. But with less than 20 years old in person needing continuation of treatment) 

⑶Person who judged at home doctor to be stable in the condition so as to be available for medical treatment

⑷Person who does not become a target of measure with the Child Welfare Law except measure with children chronicity identification illness

⑸Person who does not become a target of legal measure to support everyday life of person with a disability and social life generally


・Special mat

・Special toilet

・The special bed

・Walk support tool

・Bathing assistance tool

・Special urinal

・The physique converter


・The head safety helmet

・Electricity-type sputum aspirator

・Cool vest

・Ultraviolet ray cut cream

・Nebulizer (inhaler)

・Pulse oximeter

・Ostomy appliances

(alimentary system, urinary tract system)

・Artificial nose

・Sum more than the amount of standard of the price of tool targeted for the following assistance is burden on user.

・Depending on the income situation of household, contribution with hierarchy division occurs.


With children chronicity identification illness

Target disease: 16 syndrome 756 illness (illness comprehensive particularly 57)

⑴Malignant neoplasm

⑵Chronic renal disease

⑶Chronic respiratory illness

⑷Chronic heart trouble

⑸Internal secretion disease



⑻Congenital metabolism is abnormal

⑼Blood disorder

⑽Immune disease

⑾Nerve, muscular disorder

⑿Chronic digestive organ disease

⒀It is syndrome with change in chromosome or gene

⒁Skin disease

⒂Bone system disease

⒃Vasculature disease


Procedure for payment

(1)We ask supplier for estimate.


(2)We attach required document to quotation and apply at the health welfare section (13) turn window on the first floor of the city hall.


(3)City decides the right or wrong of payment.

(when we can pay, we send the next documents)

・As for Tagawa-shi children chronicity identification illness children, it is everyday life tool payment decision notification

・As for Tagawa-shi children chronicity identification illness children, it is everyday life tool payment ticket


(4)If documents of payment decision arrive, we order tool from supplier.


(5)When we receive payment, we hand payment ticket that sealed supplier with receipt stamp of applicant and pay in self burden when there is self-pay.

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