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For January, 2019 expenditure

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 The mayor spending situation on expense account (for January, 2019 expenditure)

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Expenditure amount of money

January 8

Membership fee

The Community Liberation Alliance Fukuoka alliance society New Year flag difference (for two people)


January 10 Membership feeTagawa-shi agriculture committee general meeting New Year social gathering5,000
January 11 Membership feeCommunity Liberation Alliance Tagawa-shi meeting New Year flag difference (for two people)6,000
January 13 Membership feeThe Institute for Nakayama folk dancing Fukuoka Branch New Year society5,000
January 15Membership feeAssociation of NPO corporation Tagawa-shi physical education New Year social gathering5,000
January 17Membership feeInformation and communication technology education chiefs Summit social gathering of the whole country2,000
January 18Membership feeMayor of Tagawa-shi society New Year social gathering5,000
January 22Membership feeTagawa agricultural cooperative fatting beef sectional meeting New Year social gathering5,000
January 23Membership feeFederation of Tagawa culture 2019 new annual convention 5,000
January 26 Membership feeTagawa democracy business and industry society New Year celebration 5,000
January 26Membership fee The meeting New Year society to carry the FujiHachiman Shrine Jinko-sai River-crossing Festival mikoshi on the shoulder 5,000
January 25Membership fee Fukuoka medium and small-sized business kindred soul society Chikuho district 2019 New Year celebration6,000
January 29 Membership fee Tagawa conference hall New Year ceremony 7,000
January 30 Membership feeTagawa Chamber of Commerce and Industry woman society New Year social gathering (for two people)12,000
January 30Membership feeThe Mayor of Yugeta precinct society New Year society5,000
We add up for January (15)82,000
Total (101)869,314



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