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Support by setting of contribution type vending machine

 It is method to have you install original contribution type vending machine that 10 yen is donated to fund because of one drink in office and office.

  • New setting and substitution of vending machine in operation are free (they correspond to many drink manufacturers. As for the burden, only electricity bill is (as for the energy-saving vending machine, possible choice);).
  • Vending machine company collects the sales price, and 10 yen is transferred to foundation per one from the sales price that we collected. About transfer, it does not cost trouble and fee of established.
  • We would like inquiry to association of non profit organization contribution type vending machine spread (0120-937-650).

 Contribution type vending machine We open with the other window(external link) 

 PDF Contribution type vending machine flyer We open with the other window(PDF: 814.9 kilobytes)


Support "kodomonomirai secondhand book donation" by secondhand book contribution

 It is method to have you donate to fund in books which you have finished reading.

  • Target product is book, comics set, DVD, CD album, game software.
    (we handle books without ISBN and cannot do it.)
  • It is free shipping (five points or more).
  • By telephone or WEB application, delivery company hears from collection of cargo on the designated date and time.
    (in WEB)
  • We are donated to fund by the name of (company, group) where assessment by value books had you send books in full. We will tell about contribution amount of money (assessment) with book contribution receipt.
  • When employee, the staff is sent by issuance of company, group ID by home, it is connected by ID for employee participation-shaped contribution to society as we can add up the amount of contribution for each company, group (please refer to 0120-826-295 (value books) for application for ID issuance). 

kodomonomirai secondhand book donation We open with the other window(external link) 

 PDF kodomonomirai secondhand book donation flyer We open with the other window(PDF: 828.8 kilobytes)


Supporting role by article contribution "future support "treasure aid" of child

  It is method to have you donate to fund with "treasure" lying in home (), DVD including stamp and postcard (mistake in writing, musical instrument ticket).

  • It is free shipping even from one point.
  • You pack article (reception desk item refers to flyer) which you can contribute at home, and please send to designated destination with cash on delivery slip of Yu-Pack (JAPAN POST).
    You can download donation consent memo flyer from treasure aid HP.
  • Sum that 10% of treasure aid added to assessment by treasure aid is donated to fund in full ※(assessment is the name of person who sent article, and extra minute is donated by treasure aid name). We report contribution amount of money (assessment).
  • When you have you participate in company, group, please refer to 03-5719-6665 (treasure aid receptionist center).
    ※Some articles are excluded. 

Support "child clothes mirai fund" by contribution of children's clothes

 It is method to have you donate to fund with children's clothes which were not worn.

  • Target product children's clothes (brand of some general merchandising stores is excluded.from newborn baby size to 140 size Cf. left note URL is
  • We can donate from ten points or more.
  • As I send shipment kit (exclusive bag, slip) to home, you have you apply from child clothes mirai fund homepage, and you can enter exclusive bag, and please send children's clothes to designated destination by cash on delivery of Sagawa Express.
  • Assessment by carry on is donated to future support fund of child in full. We report assessment by email within one month from arrival.
  • When have participate in company, group, exclusive form
    Please refer from ( 

Child clothes mirai fund We open with the other window(external link)


Contribution by d point

 Contribution menu of point program "d point club" of NTT DOCOMO is method to have "you use for contribution" and use for contribution to fund.

  • It is point program of enrollment fee for free which anyone can enroll in if "d point club" is in the name of individual, annual fee for free. Person who does not have docomo line can apply.
  • You can donate to fund from 1 point as one point of = 1 yen.
  • You can apply from d point club site.

<access method>

 (1) From PC Use homepage ⇒ customer support ⇒ d point club ⇒ point of docomo; pass, and use for ⇒ [use point] contribution
 (2) From smartphone We use for d menu ® ⇒ d point club ⇒ [we use point] contribution
 (3) From i-mode ® iMenu® ⇒ customer support ⇒ d point club/member is this



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