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About the care prevention, everyday life support synthesis business

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To live by becoming independent forever (the care prevention, everyday life support synthesis business)

 [with the care prevention, everyday life support synthesis business]

 The care prevention, everyday life support synthesis business becomes independent in area where elderly people 65 years or older lived so long and be continued living,

 The care prevention and life that the municipalities predominate and perform are business supporting.

   There are two of "care prevention, life support service business" and "general care prevention business" mainly.


[the care prevention, life support service business]
   We offer service for the care prevention and life support necessary for independence life.
1 [object] support 1.2 required
2 [type of service]
 ◎Physical care by visit type service (it shifts from ※ care preventive service) ... housekeepers, life support 
 ◎Life support in tsushokata service (it shifts from ※ care preventive service) ... day service center
 ◎Food distribution and local resident, volunteer for the purpose of other ... nutrition improvement perform; see; defense


[general care prevention business]
 We perform enlightenment about the care prevention.
All 1 [object] people 65 years or older
2 [type of service]
 ◎Care prevention grasp business
  We keep person needing some kind of support under control and can connect to participation in care prevention.

 ◎The care preventive spread enlightenment business
  We perform distribution and course, lecture of brochure about the care prevention and publicize care preventive importance widely.
 ◎Local care prevention activity support project
  We support care preventive approach that local volunteers perform.
 ◎Local rehabilitation activity support project
  Specialists of rehabilitation participate in local care preventive place and support to strengthen care preventive approach.


※Among 4 business mentioned above, we carry out the next 2 business as "local care prevention activity support project" in our section.


●Purpose of life public hall business
 We carry out activity to become purpose of life and health promotion in public halls of each area to prevent elderly person from becoming need of nursing care state.
・[object] People 65 years or older
・[activity contents] Health club, culture course, hobby activity, elderly person sports
※As there is public hall which we do not carry out, visit.
・[application style]

      • Word Reports of submission We open with the other window(word: 15.7 kilobytes such as 01 business plans
                •  We carry out various courses for beginners to make use of ability of elderly person, and to raise purpose of life.
              •  There are 22 times a year of courses in 1 classroom and can take lectures to 2 classroom per person. We hold exhibition and entertainment meet once a year.
          • ・[object] People who have address in the city 65 years or older
                • ・[place] Tagawa young people culture hall and Tagawa civic center (only in the ceramic art classroom)
                • ・[type of classroom] Pretend to be calligraphy, folk song, haiku, people dance; doll, patchwork, recreation dance, English conversation, ceramic art
              • ・[attendance expense] 3,000 yen a year (in the free university 1,000 yen) ※Teaching materials costs are paid the own

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