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Foreigner whom National Health Insurance is applied to

The last update date:

Resident's card was made, and, with revision of the Basic Resident Registration Act, foreigner more than three months was targeted for participation of National Health Insurance the residence period from July 9, 2012, too.


(1)Participation requirements
  Foreigner living in our city will take out National Health Insurance except person corresponding to any of the following.
・ Person (note) who is with three months or less of residence period

  Note: The residence periods are three months or less, residence status "performance" "skill training" "stay in family" "official business" "specific activity (remove case that activity to receive medical care or everyday activity taking care of of the person is appointed.) In the case of ", person admitted that we stay more than three months by materials can join.
・Residence status is of "short stay"
・Residence status is of "activity to receive medical care" or "everyday activity taking care of of the" in of "specific activity"
・Residence status in of "specific activity" "person of foreigner spouse going together with "sightseeing, working people resembling these rest or other 18 years or older" or the person"
・Residence status is of "diplomacy"
・Person without residence status including illegal stay
・Country (※) which receives grant of social insurance participation certificate (application certificate) from the home government in concluding social security agreement including medical insurance with Japan
  ※Country concluding social security agreement including medical insurance with Japan is this place → Pension mechanism We open with the other window(external link) in Japan
・Job who takes out health insurance
・Person who is on welfare
・People (we become a target of medical system for elder senior citizens.) 75 years or older


(2)Participation procedure
  When you take out National Health Insurance, on entry day, please file within 14 days from (the next day of the retirement day) on transference day or the qualification loss day of health insurance that you took out so far.
  The same household can perform procedure in the person or resident's card. (when the other household goes through the procedure, proxy is necessary.)
[necessary thing]
・Residence card
・Finger price list (residence status only in of "specific activity")
・Other necessary things look at "time to take out National Health Insurance" of "National Health Insurance participation, stop/National Health Insurance" page.
  Note: As participation of National Health Insurance is exempted person receiving grant of application certificate from by own country, bring without forgetting.

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