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History of coal capital tagawa which inheritance talks about

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Ita mine shaft oar and two chimneys which continue watching the town of Tagawa with solemn figure.
Story of many people that a certain thing was concerned with coal behind modern industries inheritance that had beauty and strength.


Symbol of coal capital tagawa

With the old Mitsui Tagawa mining industry place Ita mine shaft oar; the first second chimney (two chimneys) is valuable coal mine inheritance of Chikuho whom nearly half of them provided with Japanese coal.

We are proud of scale largest in the country for thing of the Meiji period to exist and, in October, 2007, are registered with country registration tangible cultural property (building), and it is authorized in the modernization industrial heritage in November of the year by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Coal Memorial Park maintained as city park is ruin of the Mitsui Tagawa mining industry place Ita well that was ever coal mine of the Chikuho best now. Both inheritances are stored as facilities associated with the first mine shaft (about 314m in depth for the Tagawa 8 shaku layer) for the purpose of deep part coal mining and the second mine shaft (about 349m in depth for the Tagawa 4 shaku layer) as those days, and it is still as symbol of coal capital tagawa in support of mind of people.

The beauty to show in function

Ita mine shaft oar installs two large size head sheep (pulley) on the top of steel structure body consisting of four steel pillars using I-beam in facility standing in the upper mine shaft. Back stay form of British style to measure about 28.4m in height. Structure materials are rational, and they feel elegance without waste with slenderness. Carved seal of Scottish manufacturer name is left to beam, and strong influence of him place is indicated.

Bake bricks that two chimneys are for steam flue gas of boiler and measure about 45.45m in height. 213,000 pieces of firebricks are used, and it is said that 181,000 pieces of them are made in Germany, and 32,000 pieces are from the country. Particularly, as for the western second chimney, foundation stone is octagonal, and dismissal of brick such as cornice is accomplished, and consideration of decoration of building is seen in the upper part, and characteristic for the Meiji period that focused on formality and style remains.

To coal bed lying deeply under the ground

The highest technique was introduced into excavation of Ita mine shaft for those days. As for the completion, it was called Japan of the Meiji period's three biggest mine shafts with the ironworks two shallows and mine shaft of Mitsubishi Castle, and it was at the image period in history of Nippon Mining.
However, for excavation of Ita mine shaft, unimaginable many trials waited. Mitsui Mining which fixed on high quality coal sleeping in deep part of Ita under the ground decides to excavate mine shaft in Ita. Excavation construction was pushed forward led by three people of Yoshima Saeki, Tanabe matter assistant Hiroshi Kobayashi. When, as for Kobayashi, construction was percussed, "let talk with wife. We do not answer immediately saying mine shaft construction is the same as war, and it is said that we made a decision to confront construction advisedly. Various critical situations under construction are written down in "jusuikizoki" which Kobayashi left later.

And long-term fight of five years three months terminated with the second mine shaft completion really in (1910) September in 1910. It became that completion of Ita mine shaft promised prosperity of Chikuho coalfield as monumental achievement of deep part mine shaft in the Meiji period.

Inheritance of the charcoal capital sending to the world

Ita mine shaft oar and two chimneys which are the precious modernization inheritance on behalf of Chikuho. Of course really wonderful one affects those modernization inheritances, and value as building is people who supported Japan and the modernization of Chikuho. It is the valuable modernization inheritance that intangible inheritance of history of people who engaged in a certain coal mining industry behind the modernization inheritance namely gem should also inherit to coming ages.

Two chimneys reached the hundredth year from building in 2008. We are utilizing both inheritances for town development positively now in Tagawa-shi. Coal of Chikuho having significance for not only Japan but also world history. New challenge of Tagawa is going to begin.


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