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We are careful about aerial request postcards from "civil action control center"!

The last update date:

 Consultation that postcard arrived from engine named "civil action control center" increases rapidly in consumer service center of each place including Tagawa-shi.


 We notify postcard of supplier having outstanding payment in the past, and complaint having been submitted, and phone numbers such as withdrawals are listed, and it is written that we seize salary or firmness product by "withdrawal last date" when they do not contact. In National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan, we are introduced thing named lawyer when we contact partner and finally purchase prepaid card at convenience store, and consultation that has paid is put money to.


 Even if postcard arrives from "civil action synthesis center", you never contact partner, and please ignore without paying. When it is awkward that we feel anxiety for coping, please consult with Tagawa-shi consumer life consultation counter (0947-85-7127).



We actually list contents of sent postcard as follows. As even similar contents is sent not only this, please be careful enough.


[contents of aerial request postcard]


 "Announcement of suit last notice about general consumption rate"


 What we notified of will notify that complaint was submitted as civil action by inobservance of a contract by your used contract company or administration company. We start suit after day for management number (wa) ○○○ trial withdrawal last period. In addition, when there is not any contact, claim of the plaintiff is accepted totally and asks you to consent to grant of the execution paper by court executive officer as we carry out the cause of executive officer initial charge, salary seizure and movable property, seizure of immovable product forcibly.

 As you receive about consultation such as trial withdrawals in the authorities and give, please contact the staff.

 In addition, we would appreciate your contacting from the person for privacy protection as it becomes notification by document.

  ※Withdrawal last date September, 2017 ○ day


 Legal Affairs Bureau jurisdiction branch office civil action control center

 3, Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo ○ turn ○ issue

 Inquiry window 03 - ○○○○ - such as withdrawals○○○○

 Open hours from 9:00 to 20:00 (excluded on Sundays and holidays)



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