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The prosperity of coal capital tagawa

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The charcoal capital which was full of prosperity

Mother river, Onga River which runs lengthwise through northern Kyushu
Blessing of big river which we enjoyed from ancient times.

The maximum present was rich coal buried in basin.


With modern development of Japan

According to the legend, discovery of coal in Chikuho is (1478) in 1478. We assumed fuel of urban area as "Gullah" whom we smothered in the Edo era, and coal was done with fuel of salt manufacture in Shiota zone of the Seto Inland Sea in the 18th century.

After the Meiji era, demand for coal rapidly increased, and it was driving force to promote the Japanese modernization as independent energy including fuel of steam engine and raw materials of iron manufacture.

In the place of this narrow-mindedness less than only 0.3% of all countries, it was in "Chikuho coalfield" to boast of the nation's largest product coal reserves to before long. Tagawa-shi is local city which developed by the coal mining industry, and the history can say that it is right Japanese modern history itself.
Founding of Mitsui Tagawa coal mine

Although we were freed from frame for the affairs of a feudal clan era, small well ward was full of Chikuho, and the coal mining industry after the Meiji Restoration invited evil. In contrast, the major center capital such as Mitsubishi, Sumitomo, Furukawa advances to Chikuho because we carried out "the choice well ward" where the government expanded well ward. Above all, it was Mitsui Mining which one step was late for having put high interest to abundant coal of Tagawa-gun than others, and carried out Chikuho advance.

(1900), Mitsui Mining buy well wards of Ita, Yugeta from group of Tagawa coal mining in 1900. For 43 years, we excavated two Ita mine shafts and increased scale and built firm base of Mitsui Tagawa coal mine. We were renamed to the (1918), Mitsui Tagawa mining industry place in 1918, and it was in large coal mine which pulled Chikuho coalfield which had 16,438 number of the mine workers, number of the staff 571 (1919).

The formation of coal capital tagawa

The development of the coal mining industry promoted maintenance of infrastructure and concentration of population. Tagawa who had coal mine of Chikuho maximum came to also give scenery as the charcoal capital.

Itamachi (old Itamura, the 1914 town organization enforcement) on orbit of development merged in the operation of Gotoji-machi (former Yugeta-mura, the 1907 town organization enforcement) and Mitsui Tagawa-Ita mine shaft, and, on November 3, 1943, charcoal capital "Tagawa-shi" more than a population of 73,000 was born.

Afterwards, we incorporated Iikane village in 1955 and were merged, and population surpassed 100,000 people, too, and it was among Chikuho in central city.

Culture founding flower and closing a mountain

Influence of the coal mining industry extended to education, culture. Mitsui Tagawa established private school "Mitsui Tagawa primary school" (current Tagawa Elementary School) and performed a certain characteristic education. In addition, advanced culture from the center flowed into Tagawa directly and became base of culture of coal mine shaft (mountain). However, we could not fight against wave of energy revolution to begin in the 30, Showa generation, and the Mitsui Tagawa mining industry place closed in 1964 and light of mountain disappeared from the city in 1970.

40 years pass since closing a mountain, and feature of the former charcoal capital is lost. However, many inheritances that coal brought up still breathe in every place of town.



Professional reciter of coal mine shaft (mountain)

We carry out "professional reciter business of coal mine shaft" (mountain) from April, 2008 to leave the actual condition of coal mine shaft (mountain) in history in Tagawa-shi coal, history Museum.
On homepage, we release a part of the story of this picturized professional reciter.

As for the details, please see this. ⇒「Professional reciter of coal mine shaft (mountain)


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