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Sale info on municipal properties (2009-6, Ikari, Oaza, Tagawa-shi)

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○ Article record

Article number

The metropolitan government 1

Sale price

27,193,617 yen


2009-6, Ikari, Oaza, Tagawa-shi


Acreage of a plot of land

(actual survey)  

1590.27 square meters Classification of land and category (the present situation) Residential land Shape We non-have orthopedic treatment a little

Acreage of a plot of land

(the registration)

1,590 square meters Classification of land and category (the registration) Mongrel place

The situation of road to bring into contact

Western about 43m brings high ni into contact in pavement city street with the both sides sidewalk of width about 6m.

Matter about private road burden

Having burden or not None Contents of burden -


Type -
Structure -
Floor space -


The date


In laws and ordinances

Limit to be based

City planning area Non-drawing city planning area
Restricted zone The first class residential area
Designated coverage ratio 60% Designated floor area ratio 200%
Other limits There is sale condition to limit building use to medical facilities.

The situation of supply processing facility

Electricity Possible (Kyushu Electric Power)
Waterworks Possible (the city water supply)
The sewer Possible (city merger processing septic tank)
Gas Possible (LP gas unit version)

Means of transportation

Railroad JR Hitahikosan Line "Tagawa-Ita Station" about 3.3km
Bus Nishitetsu bus "now job stop" about 1.8km

Of the nearest
Public facilities

Tagawa-shi government office About 3.9km Tagawa, Fukuoka synthesis government building About 4.2km
Chinzei elementary school About 2.0km Plain post office About 1.1km
Chinzei junior high school About 1.1km Daily necessities store About 0.3km

Special remarks

○As Shiroyama housing complex medical office site, we sell based on the attachment "offer point".
○Municipal houses of 198 houses which our city sold in lots and 184 under prefectural management gather, and Shiroyama housing complex where this article is located is residential quarter lined with 133 houses (the moon beauty stand) which our city further sold in lots in neighborhood district. However, there is no medical institution in this area.



○ The offer points


○ Position figure

Position figure

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