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About grant of care premium (first insured person: 65 years or older) payment certificate

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About grant of care premium (first insured person: 65 years or older) payment certificate (the first-floor 14th window: person in charge of advanced age disorder section advanced age long-term care)

When income tax and resident tax are taxed, people supporting person of ... care insurance authorization or the person, please utilize; ...

  Care premium of first insured person (people 65 years or older) becomes a target of social insurance deduction to fix for Income Tax Law and Local Tax Law. We can use documents of a - cormorant to raise next as proof at the time of report.

  Oh, (special collection) "withholding slips such as public pensions" which are sent by the end of January by pension insurer

  It is receipt in case of payment with i (the normal collection) payment notice

  By cormorant (the normal collection) fund transfer "fund transfer finished notification" in case of payment

  When there are not such documents, please apply for that certificate is necessary at window as you issue "care premium payment certificate" about care premium that you paid a year.


[person who can apply]

 The person or agent

 ※Proxy is necessary when agent is other than spouse or person from same household.

 [issuance of certificate]

 As a general rule, we issue at window on the same day. Rate is free.

[including necessary documents]

 There is care premium payment certificate grant application ... style

Identity verification documents (driver's license, my number card, health insurance card)  of applicant

 There is proxy (in the case of agent application agent time except spouse or person from same household) ... style

[including application documents style]

 Fukuoka care insurance interjurisdictional affiliation homepage We open with the other window(external link)

  Various application: Procedure style: List of application documents file downloading: About other application, reports

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