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About system for privacy protection of Tagawa-shi

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Tagawa-shi ordinance of privacy protection


◇ With personal information (regulations Article 2 No. 2)

We say information that can distinguish authorized individuals such as address, full name, age, occupation, income.


◇ Organization which enforces this system (the regulations Article 2 first)

Target organization is the mayor, hospital business manager, Board of Education, board of elections, fair committee, checkup committee, agriculture committee, fixed assets evaluation screening committee and municipal assembly.


◇ That can request (from regulations Article 13 to regulations Article 16)

Including citizen, we can request all where own personal information is recorded from conduct organization.


◇ Contents which we can request

○Request for disclosure (regulations Article 13)

We can demand disclosure of own personal information that conduct organization manages.

○Request for correction (regulations Article 14)

When fact has error about own personal information that conduct organization manages, we can demand the correction.

○Request for removal (regulations Article 15)

When own personal information is collected against rule that city determines, we can demand removal of the information.

○Request for cancellation such as the use out of the purpose (regulations Article 16)

When the use, offer is done by own personal information against rule that city determines, we can request the cancellation.


◇ Method of request (regulations Article 17)

The person does the next agency, and person who is going to demand disclosure, please submit "self information (disclosure, correction, removal, the use cancellation) bill" to information disclosure corner (the fourth floor of the city hall General Administration Division) ("Attachmentself-information (disclosure, correction, removal, use cancellation) bill With new window(word we provide 31 kilobytes)" for information disclosure corner.) . By mail or facsimile cannot accept.

Please show documents (driver's license, passport) which can confirm that it is the person on this occasion. About entry methods, the staff provides consultation.


◇ Decision such as disclosure (regulations Article 25)

As a general rule, decision whether or not we disclose is decided within 14 days from day when "self-information (disclosure, correction, removal, the use cancellation) bill" was submitted.

In addition, as a general rule, correction, removal or decision that you use, and you cancel is decided for less than 30 days from day when "self-information (disclosure, correction, removal, the use cancellation) bill" was submitted (please be careful in one which cannot be decided promptly on the spot requested both.) .

In addition, we may extend deadline for decision when it cannot be decided by unavoidable reason within period of foregoing paragraph.


◇ Method of conduct of disclosure (regulations Article 27)

We have grant of reading, seeing and hearing and copying for method of conduct of disclosure.


◇ Expense necessary for disclosure (rule Article 13)

Reading, the seeing and hearing are free, but 50 yen is needed about 10 yen, color one piece about one piece of black and white when grant of copying is hoped for (less than Nihon Sangyo standard A line third. We calculate duplex printing with two pieces.) .


◇ When decision includes dissatisfaction (regulations Article 28)

When decision for request includes dissatisfaction, we can perform query based on Administrative Appeal Law. City performs decision for query (about detailed flow, please see page We open with the other windowof administrative dissatisfaction examination system.) when there was query after having consulted We open with the other windowin council for Tagawa-shi information disclosure, personal information protection.


◇ With information that we cannot disclose

In system for privacy protection, please note that you may not be released about thing that the following information is recorded.

Information (the regulations Article 18 first) said not to be able to disclose by 1 laws and ordinances

Information (the regulations Article 18 No. 2 text) about individual except 2 disclosure claimers

Information (the regulations Article 18 No. 3 text) to hurt its fair profit of 3 corporations

Information (regulations Article 18 No. 4) that might produce trouble for security of 4 civic lives and maintenance of order

Information (regulations Article 18 No. 5) that might affect 5 deliberation, examination

Information (regulations Article 18 No. 6) that might affect appropriate accomplishment of 6 desk work business

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