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Structure of Consignment of public facilities to private sectors

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The following structure is maintained legally to find the appropriate management in Consignment of public facilities to private sectors as public facility offering service to a large number of inhabitants for public interest equally.

(1)Securing of use of equality

Designated manager is obliged to carry out securing of use of equality of inhabitants, prohibition of the discriminatory handling directly legally.

(2)Establishment of the regulations

Fate, designated manager manage designated procedure, concrete range of duties to let designated manager perform, standard of management along this standard in the regulations beforehand.

(3)Designated decision

We set period and, based on the regulations, appoint individual designated managers after decision of assembly.

(4)Business report

Designated manager submits business report to city after degree every year, and city checks the situation of management by designated manager.

(5)Designated cancellation

When city performs appropriate investigation or instructions necessary to manage for designated manager and does not obey instructions, we can give an order for stop of designated cancellation and duties.

(6)Range of authority

Designated manager can perform permission to use facility by fate of the regulations, but cannot act for duties to correspond to the use of authorities which can perform only city including case to impose compulsory collection and disadvantage of the fee for use.

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