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Tagawa-shi fifth comprehensive plan

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Tagawa-shi fifth comprehensive plan development

  In Tagawa-shi, the cause of cooperation of citizens devised the fifth comprehensive plan which became the top plan of town development from 2011 to 2020.

  In order, based on this plan, to realize "... towards town Tagawa - vitality manufacturing industry city that there is where bring up people, and nature and industry breathe together" in future, citizen's all

We promote town development united with state.


Viewpoint that we deal with plan development

  We put emphasis about next and, in development of the fifth comprehensive plan, pushed forward development of plan.


◇  Plan development that fixed its eyes on image in the future of our city

     The making of plan that stood in medium-and-long term field of vision, and showed image definitely in the future of our city, and fixed its eyes on that 


◇  Plan development by collaboration with citizen

     We make plans made in citizen's viewpoint to gather citizen's opinion widely

     We make plans that administration was united with citizen including civic participation in council for comprehensive plan 


◇  Plan development with high effect

     We make plans that estimated financial program in medium-and-long term viewpoint

     It is made plans that ascertained measure with high effectiveness truly  


◇  Plan development that is easy to be handed down to citizen

     We make plans to be able to clarify accomplishment degree that included aim by number

     From development stage of plan to promotion stage, we make plans to announce the situation  


◇  Plan development that linked administrative evaluation 

     The making of plan that can link making emphasis of measure by inspection and inspection result in viewpoint that how long got closer to in image in the future


Summary of plan

◇  Purpose of plan development 

     In Tagawa-shi, we promoted town development that did "town Tagawa whom people won wealthily" in concept based on the fourth comprehensive plan until now. However, it is the fourth

  During ten years to date, society economic environment to surround our city greatly changes after comprehensive plan is devised and problems that you should work on as city increase and continue

  rutotomoni diversifies.

     On the other hand, in the administrative administration, decentralization right reaches practice stage and becomes the times when voluntary, autonomous town development is demanded still more. konoyo

  We devise the basic guideline and the fifth comprehensive plan that it is to plan local development and improvement of the inhabitants welfare aiming at the local government management appropriate for the times when una change is demanded

  We do.


◇  Period and constitution of plan

     The fifth comprehensive plan is composed of basic plan, basic plan, 3 laminar structure of execution plan. 

  ○  Basic plan    

       We clarify image in the future of basic principles and city of town development and show basic aim and emphasis aim to realize them.

       Plan period is ten years from 2011 to 2020. 

  ○  Basic plan

       We show measure necessary to realize image in the future that we clarified for basic plan systematically.

       We do plan (from 2011 to 2015), for each five years of late plan (from 2016 to 2020) with plan period in the first half year. 

  ○  Execution plan

       We show plan of concrete business for measure shown by basic plan. We assume three years one sitting and, until 2020, perform rolling (review) every year. 


Point of plan

◇  Basic principles 

     "Independence, cooperation" "miraikyokizu" 

     "Plan others and cooperation after each one became independent, and by cooperating, in town development in the future, make the bright future"; ask

  u meaning is put.


◇  The future image 

     "We bring up people we wait - towards Tagawa - vitality manufacturing industry city that there is that nature and industry breathe together"

     It is eyes in town that lays vitality as city while laying emphasis on personnel training of young generation by letting eco-friendly manufacturing industry root, and bringing up, and accomplishes development

  We point.


◇  Aim population 


     It is estimated that population of our city of 2020 decreases to 43,000. In our country reaching population decline society in earnest already decrease in population

  It may be said that it is difficult to avoid. However, in the metropolis and districts and the municipalities, it is sought that we suppress this population decline as much as possible.

     Based on the above-mentioned thing, we set aim population in 2020 of 46,000 people.


◇  Basic aim

     For each field of policy to realize image in the future, we set five next basic aims. 

  ○  Beautiful town development (the making of city) to be full of nature, and to be able to live by security comfortably

       We take symbiosis with environment into consideration and promote town development aiming at realization of recycling low-carbon society and try for maintenance of rich nature.

       In addition, we promoted accumulation, advancement of city function in central city area, and compact city aimed at becoming and they were strong in disaster and were made extension of life, barrier-free

    We work on the making of city.

       Furthermore, we promote the formation and public transport system of cityscape in consideration for cityscape, maintenance of the public sewer and act for comfortable town development beautifully.  

  ○  Town development (industry, economy) to be eco-friendly, and to bring up industry full of charm

       We take symbiosis with environment into consideration and try for invitation, upbringing of manufacturing industry not to risk load for global environment.

       Particularly, we act for upbringing of traditional manufacturing industry to make agriculture and forestry business and food industry, eco-friendly product and we push forward maintenance of the employment environment and pour power into local production for local consumption.

       In addition, to this, we work on creation, upbringing and the making of attractive sightseeing spot of new local brand by cooperation of industry-university co-operation public and private sectors. 

  ○  Town development (medical care, the welfare) that we assist each other, and anyone can spend in peace in good health

       We plan all civic health promotion and try for improvement of medical system including first aid.

       In addition, we have child in peace and can bring up and act in environment creation which elderly person and person with a disability can live for with purpose of life.

       Furthermore, plan upbringing of volunteer group, and promote town development that can keep connection with people and person, and town development reliable safely

    We work on this. 

  ○  Town development (education, culture) to love native district, and to bring up rich heart and creativity

       Children recognize local history and culture definitely and act in environment creation which we feed regionalism in succession to these and can bring up.

       In addition, we try for mental and physical health promotion of children and aim at will and power, improvement of scholastic ability to create and plan enhancement of education environment.
     Furthermore, all citizens act in environment creation which feels purpose of life and pride through learning, and can raise oneself in deference to human rights. 

  ○  "Refreshing" town development (financial and administrative operations) to walk with citizen in response to expectation and trust

       We further promote administrative and financial reform and try for securing of administrative transparency and effectiveness.

       In addition, promote citizen participation in administration while administration shares the cause, purpose and responsibility of appropriate role allotment with citizen to solve problem, and to cut arrival with aim, sono

    We work on the making of structure of collaboration with citizen and administration at the top.

       Furthermore, we plan multidirectional cooperation with other local governments including integrated administration of a large region.


◇  Emphasis target 

     We put in particular emphasis and should work and, aiming at realization of the future image to advocate in basic plan, aim and set emphasis aim. 

  ○  It is promotion of becoming emigration, domiciliation

       At first, it is necessary to suppress population decline as much as possible to aim at the vitality making of city that is. Particularly, it is important that emigration, domiciliation of the young group plans becoming


       Based on the above-mentioned thing of education environment and child care environment, residence environment from various viewpoints including living environment try for maintenance, improvement, and emigration, domiciliation for promotion of becoming

    We work on measures that we turned intensively. 

  ○  Promotion of manufacturing industry

       The employment to promote agriculture and forestry business to aim at manufacturing industrial city, and to invite eco-friendly manufacturing company positively in addition, and to bring up, and to be engaged in manufacturing

    It is necessary to extend this.

       In addition, as well as industry, it is important that all of citizen, education research organization, administration shares significance, joy, will to create.
     Based on the above-mentioned thing, try for environmental maintenance toward manufacturing industrial city from various viewpoints including industrial structure and education environment, and shin of manufacturing industry

    We work on measures for interest intensively. 

  ○  Construction of recycling low-carbon society

       All of citizen, industry, education research organization, administration raise awareness for natural environments to realize town where nature and industry breathe together, and ring

    It is necessary to plan the making of city and industrial development not to build load over boundary as much as possible.

       Based on the above-mentioned thing, we work on measures for construction of recycling low-carbon society from education environment and urban infrastructure, various viewpoints including maintenance of industrial infrastructure intensively



Tagawa-shi fifth comprehensive plan basics plan, basic plan, execution plan (electronic data)

 Basic plan

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 Basic plan (the first half year)

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