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About hometown tax point system

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We can choose return favor product to hope for at the time of contribution in Tagawa-shi, but we change the amount of contribution for all point once and can choose slowly later desired return favor product.


◆Terms of Use

  If hometown tax point system of Tagawa-shi is oldness and person finishing sign-in to choice We open with the other window(external link), anyone is available. There are no new sign-ins.


 We just apply from oldness and choice We open with the other window(external link). As we perform management of point on oldness and choice, there are not special sites.

◆Validity of point

 Point is effective, and it is on day when we donated last, or it is extended for 1 more years including possession point for one year from day of contribution when we further donate within validity.

◆The number of the grant points

 The amount of contribution

 Grant point

  5,000 yen


  6,000 yen


  7,000 yen


  8,000 yen


  9,000 yen


 10,000 yen


 11,000 yen


 12,000 yen


 13,000 yen


※After that by 5Pt adds whenever we donate 1,000 yen. Less than 1,000 yen cut off and calculate.

◆Usage of point

 We can choose in combination return favor product of 50Pt by contribution of 10,000 yen freely within optional others, the grant point.

[combination use example of grant point]

  75Pt = return favor product A [35Pt] + return favor product B [40Pt]

 100Pt = return favor product C [45Pt] + return favor product D [55Pt]

 125Pt = return favor product E [55Pt] + return favor product F [70Pt]

 150Pt = return favor product G [70Pt] + return favor product H [40Pt] + return favor product I [40Pt]


We click the following banner in detail, and please see "oldness and choice".


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