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 The center of treatment is the person and family. However, it is hard to understand very much as disease of psychiatry is not visible when we take toward family and the neighborhood.
 "We do not recognize" family, and the person is apt to have stress "not to have you know".

 When understanding about disease advances, each other's such stress decreases. In addition, it has a good influence in condition and progress when we understand what kind of way we should cooperate with treatment by.


 The person, family, medical personnel cross medical team together, and it is ideal to be able to confront disease called schizophrenia.

 Toward family and the neighborhood, I would like cooperation about four points of next.



◎We understand disease and the bitterness

  As for having you understand that, in fact, thing which carelessness keyadarashinasato is seen in everyday life is ill symptom, mind is strong for patient what kind of thing patient feels to be painful.
  It is hard for patient not to have it is said, "we get sick as feeling gets loose" and understand.


    ◎We become member of medical team

      Recovery is promoted accordingly if you can show big power that family has in the treatment.
    As we accompany medical examination, and medicine telling the chief physician does not forget to drink state at home, for being able to do it immediately, there is minding.
      About medicine prescribed by doctor, "you may be habit-forming when we continue medicine, and there is not" misleads patient very much.

    ◎We devise some how to contact

      Patient becomes sensitive to personal relationships, and stress from there may become one of the triggers of recurrence.
      It is what which "critical good is done" "is said to be accusingly" or "is worried about in a dither too much" by immediate person that it is difficult for to deal with patient in particular (too strong expressiveness).
      Even small thing finds positive side of patient, and express that recognize that by words, when unfortunately is accompanied, put what look for cause aside for the time being, and how to contact to think about concrete solution together is ideal.
      Not only about medicine, power that family has will promote recovery in such communication.

    ◎We take good care of oneself

      There are your parents blaming oneself saying "we suffered such a disease as way of raising of parent was bad".
      However, this is not medical fact. Because of the way of raising, schizophrenia may not develop.
      In addition, doing its best devotedly is saying "you must give to treatment at the cost of all own life". However, it is difficult to let such an effort last long.
      We feel rather psychological burden when we do devotion as people sacrifice oneself even if we make the patient.





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