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Progress (schizophrenia) of condition

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◎The harbinger period

  It is time when various symptoms develop ahead of the immediate nature period.

  Mind symptom includes declines of intensive difficulties, willpower a fret and jitters, hypersensitivity.

  Schizophrenia may not be diagnosed by the first case immediately because we are similar to symptom of depression and anxiety disorder.

  In addition, the feature of it is that physical symptom mainly on autonomic nerve including sleeplessness, inappetence, headache is easy to come out.

  In the case of first, we cannot diagnose schizophrenia only in this, but it is possible for clue for the person and the neighborhood to discover as "advance notice of disorder" early when we use what symptom of the harbinger period is similar to every time when we repeat recurrence.



◎The immediate nature period

  It is time when symptom that is characteristic of schizophrenia such as hallucination or delusion develops.

  This hallucination and delusion strongly cause a feeling of anxiety, fear, pressure for patient. Therefore influence often extends to action and rhythm of sleep and meal collapses and is lived a life of reversal in the night and day and lacks in unity for action, and obstacle comes out to communication gaumakutorenakunattarinado, everyday life and personal relationships with the neighborhood.




  It is time to regain sense of reality in process when the immediate nature period is gradually relieved by treatment.
  We feel anxiety and a fret to the future while learning fatigue and hypobulia. It seems to have become quite good, but posture to wait for patiently lays good result from all around as it is time not to feel uplifted for the person yet.




  After convalescence, it is time to regain stability. When we may completely return to state before illness and a part of symptom of the immediate nature period remains and cannot remove, there are cases that symptom that there are not spirit for convalescence continues. Such a plateau continues for a long time and makes comeback to normal life by rehabilitation, and leaving many patients are to healing.
  However, the harbinger period begins with this state again and may reach recurrence.





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