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Symptom (schizophrenia)

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◎Hallucination, delusion

 Hallucination and delusion are representative symptoms of schizophrenia. Hallucination and delusion are accepted for not only schizophrenia but also other various mental diseases, but there is constant characteristic in hallucination and delusion of schizophrenia. We may call hallucination and delusion "positive symptom" in a mass.




  Hallucination is actually that few thing is felt as sense. It is auditory hallucination (illusion voice) to hear voice among hallucination about hearing that is other sounds that hear a person's voice though nobody is that it is the most a lot for schizophrenia. We ask auditory hallucination, and people in circumference say and smirk (kuusho), and it is thought that it is strange to be seen with (the German language) muttering by talks with auditory hallucination and may be hard to have you understand the pains.


   Though it is clearly wrong contents, we believe, and delusion is thought that is not accepted that rotation corrects either. As symptom that is almost delusion, there is thing about own thought and action. Because it is thought that there is that sense that oneself performs is spoiled in background of such a symptom about thought and action, we name generally with self disorder.






◎Life failure

 For schizophrenia, it features with hallucination, delusion that it spoke earlier that obstacle appears in life. This obstacle is recognized in "conversation and action that are appropriate in everyday life and the social life and form to be hard to be able to work". It is also called negative symptom, but symptom due to disease is incomprehensible symptom than hallucination and delusion.
 As it is symptom that patient is hard to explain, it may be the cause that is misunderstood, "we are lazy" "to be short for the attention" that "there is not common sense" that "there is not social nature" from all around. 



 Conversation and action failureIt is symptom that unity of conversation and action is affected.
In everyday life, it is admitted in form that efficiency of action that there are many mistakes of work that point and thought of story of partner whom topic to be out of focus of story flies in cannot catch is bad. If symptom becomes extremely strong, we may see conversation and action for extinction tear. It is thought that we come from obstacle of intellectual work that such a symptom can be suitable with the goal of conversation and action while letting attention act appropriately and gathers up.

 Feelings failure

About own feelings, obstacle occurs in both about understanding of feelings of another person.

Disorder about own feelings is symptom that, however, anxiety and strain are hard to strongly fit that expression is poor without showing feelings that appropriate feelings are hard to be heated to things with a little movement of feelings appropriately, and is firm.
In addition, it becomes weak in understanding about feelings and expression of another person, and it does not notice feeling of partner, and it increases to misunderstand. Because of such feelings failure, we have you understand oneself in the personal relationships, and it becomes hard to have interchange of partner and feeling.

 Will failure

Will necessary to perform things is affected.
We do only rumblingly without putting on work and will that we are going to study (idle) and room is disorderly and is admitted as symptom that we do not mind cleanly either of personal lives such as bathing or washing face not to be able to be worried about to tidy up. As even more basic will failure, we are running out of another person and will that is going to have interchange, will that is going to talk, and we are quiet, and it may be life that we shut ourselves up (autosynnoia).



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