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☆With schizophrenia

 As for schizophrenia, a little less than one people has such a disease to about 100 people.

 Heart and thought become hard to be unified, and therefore there is influence in feeling and action, human relations.


 When hallucination or delusion are healthy, for schizophrenia, positive symptom that state that there was not appears and drop and emotional display of will decrease, and there is negative symptom that thing which there was is lost when it is healthy.
 We are alone and appear as signature such as being often without being concerned with people becoming incoherent without story to appeal to, actually, there not being where we talk to ourselves seeing from the neighborhood for damage such as having been spoken ill being gathered up.


 We will talk with Specialized Agencies early early when the neighborhood noticed state as it is said that recovery is early so as to begin treatment.

 In the same way as lifestyle-related diseases such as high blood pressure or diabetes, combination of early detection and early treatment, medical therapy and cooperation of the person, family, continuation of treatment for the recurrence prevention are important.







 ☆Progress of condition

 ☆To family and neighboring all of you 

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