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About oldness and employment incentive wages

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 In Tagawa-shi, we issue incentive wages for person of U I turn which settles down in Tagawa-shi to encourage domiciliation, and to promote attractive town development filled with vitality and meets authorized requirements such as being employed in office in Tagawa-shi.

Capacity is ten people.


1.Sum of incentive wages?

  After having passed, we issue one year by 120,000 yen after employment for up to 360,000 yen for one for up to three years. But incentive wages after for age to belong on the day do not issue when they retire between three years or they are transferred.


2.Eligible people?

  It is person of U-turn or person of I turn, and meet all the following requirements

 (1) Reckoning in office in the city from authorized employed day, and moving into in our city by six months ago or application

 (2) Do not be country, the staff of local public entity or other public bodies

 (3) Do not be relative within the second degree of business owner

 (4) There not being city tax delinquency


※Person of U-turn

 We say people who moved into under 45 after we are transferred due to employment or attendance at school, and person who had address in Tagawa-shi had address outside Tagawa-shi more than one year. But we remove person without intention to settle down in


※ⅠPerson of turn

 People who moved into in people who have not had address in Tagawa-shi in Tagawa-shi under 45 are called. But we remove person without intention to settle down in.


※Requirements of the regular employment

 ・Being worker concluding labor contract without fate of period

 ・Do not be person employed as dispatched worker

 ・Work location or duties do not be limited in comparison with normal worker employed by the same business owner

 ・Normal working hours being the same as normal worker employed by the same business owner

 ・Being worker whom service assuming the employment is applied to in the working conditions such as presence of periodical raise in salary and promotion for long term on calculation method of wage to prescribe in office regulations applied to normal worker employed by the same business owner and supply form, bonus, the retirement bonus, holiday

3.Method of procedure?

  Person applied for reckons to Industry Promotion Section window on Tagawa-shi the third floor of the government office from authorized employed day, and please bring documents of following (a) ... (o) for (when you meet in end of the fiscal year until March 31 of the year concerned) for less than three months.

 (a) Resident's card (thing which both present address and address before Tagawa-shi transference can confirm)

 (i) Holding the post certificate

 (u) Copy of social health insurance card

 (e) Copy of working conditions notification affecting the regular employment

 (o) Seal



  We examine application and will notify applicant of the right or wrong of incentive wages grant.


 ※When grant of incentive wages is decided, please submit report affecting the employment incentive wages supply and demand at point in time one year after authorized employed day to Industry Promotion Section window.

 (as it passed in time two years after authorized employed day and three years as well as the liver)


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