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Of use of generic drug ask (National Health Insurance)

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☆Please cooperate with the use of generic drug

As price of medicine is cheap as for the generic drug (generic medicine), expense that it costs for charge for medicine of everybody can save the use of generic drug.


We ask "to have liked generic drug." at medical institution and drugstore, or generic drug is available by showing request for generic drug card.


Please examine the use of generic drug.




☆With generic drug

Generic drug is pharmaceutical product having active ingredient about the same as new medicine which is sold after patent of new medicine (starting pharmaceutical products) expired, effect, effect. It is pharmaceutical products admitted that safety and effect are equal to new medicine by country.


Because research and development expense is held down low, as for the generic drug, price of medicine becomes cheaper in comparison with new medicine. There are pharmaceutical products of about half of the price of new medicine among them, too.




☆Generic drug precautions

When we use generic drug, please consult with doctor, pharmacist by all means.


In addition, please be careful about the following points.

・We may not switch to generic drug depending on disease.

 (prescription when "it is unmodifiable", and column does not have signature of doctor, we can change.)

・There is new medicine which accepted effect, effect and generic drug are not sold to only with new medicine.

・Even if it is ingredient same as new medicine, difference may occur for effect, side effect.

・There may not be the handling of case and generic drug varying in generic drug to handle by medical institution and drugstore.




☆Request for generic drug card

We unify generic drug declaration of intention cards with identification of person insured to be able to declare the intentions when we hope for generic drug in Tagawa-shi National Health Insurance.

When you are hoped, please fill in ☑ on column of "we hope □" of generic drug declaration of intention card.

By showing to cases that it is hard to make proposal at medical institution and drugstore, can declare our intentions of use of generic drug.




☆News (sending of notice) about generic drug

In Tagawa-shi, we notify of news for high medical expenses reduction effect by switching to generic drug in of National Health Insurance person insured.


Please talk about that wants to use generic drug with doctor and pharmacist.



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