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About management permission application such as graveyards

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 Rule about permission of management such as Tagawa-shi graveyards was enforced on April 1, 2014.


Management permission such as 1 graveyard

  By regulations of law Article 10 (Article 11) about graveyard, burial, as for the following cases, management permission (change, the abolition) application (report) is necessary for graveyards.

 (1) When we are going to have management (setting) of graveyard, charnel, crematory (graveyards) newly

 (2) When we change area of graveyard, area to establish grave, facility of charnel, crematory

 (3) When we are going to abolish graveyards

 ※Graveyard is area that received permission of the prefectural governor or the mayor as graveyard to establish grave

 We say this.

 ※Grave means facility laying ashes (fried bone) in a tomb.

 ※When individual erects grave in area of graveyard, management permission application such as graveyards is unnecessary

 We do in this. 


Managers such as 2 graveyards

  It is principle, the following corporations.

 (1) Local public entity 

 (2) Religious corporation

 (3) Public interest corporation for the purpose of management such as graveyards

 ※Notice of Ministry of Health and Welfare dated reference December 6, 2000 (about guidelines of graveyard management, management)


Main standard of setting places such as 3 graveyards

 (1) Graveyard

    Distance from (houses) such as house, school, hospital to graveyard 100 meters or more

 (2) Charnel

    The precincts ground prescribed in Religious Corporation Law

 (3) Crematory

    Distance from houses to crematory 250 meters or more


Main standard of structure such as 4 graveyards

 (1) Graveyard

   ・Establish wall, fence sectioning graveyard
   ・Secure passage where is beyond 1 meter of width
 (2) Charnel

   ・Assume outer wall, roof fire-resistant structure
   ・Use funenzairyo for cinerarium facilities in temple
   ・Install ventilation equipment
 (3) Crematory

   ・Establish wall, fence sectioning crematory

   ・In incinerator-proof; pitch a camp, and install deodorization measures device

   ・Install administration office, waiting room


Styles such as 4 applications

  By contents of application or report, please refer to the following for table of documents needing attachment.


 (1) When we are going to establish graveyards

 (2) When we change area, facilities such as graveyards

 (3) When we are going to abolish graveyards

 (4) (1)For application of ... (3), management (change, the abolition) authorization or suppression notification issues graveyards

  It is done

    ※We do not need submission.

 (5) When we performed new establishments (change, the abolition) such as graveyards by city planning business, land readjustment project

 (6) When construction such as graveyards was completed

    ※We cannot use graveyards if not after we were examined.

 (7) Graveyards in management (change) permission application, notification form which consider, and affects permission contents of mention for change

   When it became (but, in the case of change by (2), it is excluded)

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5 rules

   Attachment Rule With new window(PDF: 84.7 kilobytes) about permission of management such as Tagawa-shi graveyards

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