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About reinterment permission

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With 1 reinterment
"Reinterment" means that we move ashes laid in a tomb by graveyard and charnel to another graveyard and charnel

 masu. To do reinterment, based on regulations of law Article 5 Paragraph 1 about graveyard, burial, is city and district

 Permission of heads of towns and villages is necessary.

2 application
  Municipality where ashes are laid in a tomb now

Procedure of 3 application
 (1) We fill in the following contents on application mainly.

 ・Permanent domicile, address, full name (thing passed away at the time) of the dead
 ・The death date
 ・Place (address, name) of cremation
 ・The date of cremation
 ・Reason (because we, e.g., erected gravestone newly) of reinterment
 ・Place (address, name) of reinterment
 ・Sealing of applicant

 ※ Attention in application
 ・Applicant of reinterment permission is different from contractor (manager) of grave (※) laying ashes in a tomb now

 Case needs consent of contractor (manager).

 (※) Grave means facility laying ashes in a tomb.
 ・When reinterment does more than two ashes, please fill out application and attached sheet like next a - cormorant.
  Oh, please fill out reinterment reason of application, reinterment place, column of full name address of applicant.

  Please fill out column except i that according to "the attached sheet".
  Please fill in the details on paper according to cormorant for each dead.

 (2) Of graveyard and charnel where ashes are laid in a tomb now after filling in the requirements mentioned above on application
 We have manager do proof (signature) of ashes doing reinterment being laid in a tomb.
 (3) We submit proven application (copy) to environmental measures section.
        ※In the case of mail, please send to "〒 825-8501 1-1, Chuomachi, Tagawa-shi".
 (4) Without defects, reinterment permit is issued on the spot.
 (5) We show reinterment permit to manager of graveyard and charnel where ashes are laid in a tomb now,

 We take out ashes.
 (6) We submit reinterment permit to former graveyard and manager of charnel doing reinterment and lay ashes in a tomb.


4 notice matters

  Case that bury (not ashes the body) follows the procedure mentioned above without cremating; and application



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