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Thing about nursing notebook

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 Person judged to have intellectual disability receives grant of notebook and can receive various services or preferential treatment by degree of the obstacle.
 It becomes A1, A2, A3, B1, B2 from heavy thing of degree of obstacle.


■About judgment of nursing notebook

Principle of 1 judgment

 Judgment in rebirth counselor's office is necessary to receive grant of notebook as mental disabilities if judgment of child consultation center of the jurisdiction is 18 years or older if it is under 18 years old.

Reservation of 2 judgments

 We perform judgment as mental disabilities in case rebirth counselor's offices 18 years or older, but, at first, please consult with city hall advanced age disorder section when it is hoped for receiving judgment as it needs all reservations.
 Please consult with child consultation center about cases under 18 directly.

3 judgments

 If it is judgment reservation day, rebirth counselor's office (or child consultation center) goes in the person, protectors, and please receive judgment. As for the person, member of psychology judgment carries out interview, inspection, and protector has interview. The time required is around two hours.
 In addition, please consult when it is difficult to go to rebirth counselor's office. (but it becomes judgment with principle rebirth counselor's office going in the case of new application.)

4 judgement results

 We will notify from city hall advanced age obstacle section to the person, protector of judgement result in rebirth counselor's office later.
 When it is determined in child consultation center, it is notified the person, protector directly.

Grant procedure

We put predetermined medical certificates necessary for procedure in city hall advanced age obstacle section (the first-floor 15th window).

[necessary thing]

  • Application
      • Judgment book that rebirth counselor's office or child consultation center issued
  • Photograph (vertical 4cm, wide 3cm)

    ※Photograph of the upper body who copied within one year
    We can use even snapshot.
    (we cannot use thing which wears copy, Polaroid, hat and sunglasses, and comes out.)

  • Seal (seal using vermilion)


Change of notebook contents

When there is change of the items mentioned including name or address after having received notebook, please report change to city hall advanced age obstacle section (the first-floor 15th window).

[necessary thing]

  ・The items mentioned notification of change (we put in city hall.)

  ・Nursing notebook

  ・Seal (seal using vermilion)



Return of notebook

When new notebook is issued when the owner of notebook dies, cases that did not need notebook, please return notebook. We accept return in city hall advanced age obstacle section (the first-floor 15th window).

[necessary thing]

  ・Report of return (we put in city hall.)

  ・Nursing notebook to return

  ・Seal (seal using vermilion)



Nursing notebook and welfare system

After having acquired nursing notebook, we introduce available systems.


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