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Thing about mental patient health welfare notebook

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 Person recognized being to when mind is defective receives grant of notebook and can receive various services or preferential treatment by degree of the obstacle.
 It becomes the first grade, the second grade, the third grade from heavy thing of degree of obstacle sequentially.



 Among people having mental disease, last for long term for mental disorder; with limitation to everyday life or social life



 We put predetermined medical certificates necessary for procedure in city hall advanced age obstacle section (the first-floor 15th window).

[necessary thing]

  • Application
      • Medical certificate (thing of point in time that passed more than six months from the first medical examination day) of doctor
        Or copies of disability pension paper

        ※When we attach copying of rente, "written consent" about inquiry to pension offices is necessary.

  • Photograph (vertical 4cm, wide 3cm)

    ※Photograph of the upper body who copied within one year
    We can use even snapshot.
    (we cannot use thing which wears copy, Polaroid, hat and sunglasses, and comes out.)

  • Seal (seal using vermilion)


Bookmark of heart

 After having acquired mental patient health welfare notebook, we introduce available systems.


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