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Furtherance/National Health Insurance of consultation such as specific medical checkup, cancer screening

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It is/National Health Insurance about specific medical checkup, cancer screening


◎ Specific medical checkup


Eligible people

Tagawa-shi National Health Insurance person insured of 40 years old - 74 years old

Necessary thing

Tagawa-shi people health insurance card, consultation ticket

Consultation expense

Free of charge

Consultation form

Group medical examination (we carry out in health center)


Individual medical examination (we have a medical examination with medical institution of Fukuoka Medical Association)

The consultation number of times

It is once before the year

Consultation period

From June 1, 2019 to February 29, 2020

(as for the group medical examination 24 times a year)

 [note] When we are consulted with 1 medical institution, to each medical institution, we are consulted by group medical examination
        Case, please be reserved in Tagawa-shi health center.

◆When we are consulted with medical institution 

 PDF List of conduct medical institutions (2019) We open with the other window(PDF: 326.1 kilobytes)

※You became able to receive specific medical examination with medical institution in Fukuoka from this year.


◆ When we are consulted by group medical examination

  Health center 〒 825-0002 Oaza, Tagawa-shi Ita 2550

     0947-44-8270 (direct), 0947-85-7119 (direct), 0947-44-2000 (extension 566.559)

  Receiving this specific medical checkup other than 2 Tagawa-shi National Health Insurance members
We cannot do it. When it retroacts before consultation day of specific healthy examination and loses qualification

      As this may be expected to pay medical examination expense, please be careful.

  Among people who took out Tagawa-shi National Health Insurance after 3 April 1, we identify by previous insurance
Person who does not receive medical checkup can receive this specific medical checkup.
(please refer to person in charge of following citizen's section insurance for issuance of consultation ticket)


 ◎ Other examination furtherance

 In Tagawa-shi National Health Insurance, we carry out with specific medical checkup at the same time in health center
As you support 70% of self-burden for cancer screening, please use.
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