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Citizen's experience-based farm

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Own vegetables which we brought up by hand are particularly delicious

Citizen's experience-based farm


Under Tagawa-shi civic experience-based person of farm admission, occasional offer!

At farm among nature, do you not actually practice the making of vegetables?
Own vegetables which we brought up by hand are particularly delicious.

Offer period

At any time

Eligible people

Person who lives in Tagawa-shi

It is office, corporation and group with office in Tagawa-shi

Group with person living in Tagawa-shi majority or more

※We accept application even if we arrive toward Tagawa suburbs residence.
※When the offer staff reaches division number, we close offer.

Offer farm

Tagawa-shi citizen experience farm (Inokuni 765-3)
4,000 square meters of farms (about 100 divisions) for rent

Scale of division 

About 30 square meters (9 tsubos)

Period of service

One year (from April to next year March)

The fee for use

Annual sum 410 yen (in the case of 30 square meters: annual sum 12,300 yen) per 1 square meter

※About thing with less than one year in period of service, we perform by monthly installment calculation.


Position figure

Position figure

Position figure


Precautions matter of Tagawa-shi citizen experience farm

Opening hours

Tagawa-shi citizen experience farm (we say "farm" as follows.) It is just what to advocate to each next issue of this in opening hours. But we change this when the mayor admits that it is necessary.

  1. And between April 1 and September 30 from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
  2. And between October 1 and next year March 31 from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Closed days

For closed days of farm, it is just what to advocate to each next issue. But when the mayor admits that it is necessary, we change this or arrange closed days temporarily.

  1. Every Monday (when the day is holiday on day that is not the nearest holiday after the next day)
  2. From December 29 to next year January 3

The fee for use

Please pay 410 yen (in 30 square meters of 1 division 12,300 yen) per 1 square meter of annual sum in advance. As a general rule, it does not return the fee for use.

Period of service

Period of service is principle one year. Continuation is possible, too, but place of division may change.

Matter which user should follow

User of farm, please follow matter to advocate to each next issue. When it violates each issue, it may become stop of use or cancellation.

  1. We do not do act to be a nuisance to other users.
  2. Without sufficient reason, period without ho ground tries not to occur.
  3. We do not change division of ho ground and form and essence without receiving permission.
  4. We do not install planting of the crops and workpiece in farm for many years.
  5. We try for fire, theft, prevention of accident causing injury or death or other accidents.
  6. We do not bring in dangerous materials or animal without receiving permission.
  7. We do not use fire any place other than the appointed place.
  8. We sell article without receiving permission or do not display.
  9. On wall or pillar, we do not do poster and nailing without receiving permission.
  10. We do not defile farm.
  11. We do not use farm for the purpose of other than cultivation of farm products.

Compensation for damages

When user lets facility, appliance, equipment of farm damage by accident or gross negligence, please repair frame equivalent to the valuation.

Immunity from responsibility

Tagawa-shi does not take any responsibility about matter to raise next.

  1. Troubles such as farm, accident in parking lot and theft
  2. Damage of farm products by natural disaster, the birds and beasts disaster and theft
  3. Accident in farm of user


Application, reference


Attachment Civic experience-based farm licensing application With new window(PDF: 48.9 kilobytes)

Person in charge of Tagawa-shi Industry Promotion Section agriculture promotion
(telephone 85-7146)

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