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": L tax eLTAX" (local taxes electron report system)

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"eLTAX L tax" (local taxes electron report system) is available

"eLTAX will tell as follows to plan improvement in convenience of tax payers in report procedure in Tagawa-shi as we started electronic report by the Internet using L tax" (local taxes electron report system).

... "eLTAX is ... with L tax" (local taxes electron report system)
It is system to perform report, application of local taxes that "local taxes computerization meeting" to organize in local public entity runs electronically.


It is items of taxation available for "L tax 1 eLTAX"

(1)Corporation municipal tax
(2)Property tax (depreciable assets)
(3)Personal residence tax (salary payment reports)
(4)Application, report (incorporation, setting notification form, report of transfer, address, name change notification form of person of special collection duty)


Use of 2 start date September 14, 2009 ...




It is easily possible for report "eLTAX when we use L tax"!

○It is not necessary to go to window.

  • We can easily declare through the Internet from home and office. Mail and window can save trouble to go for.

○We can go through the procedure in a mass.

  • It is possible for report to plural local public entities (limited to local public entity participating in administration) using "L tax at a time in a mass eLTAX".

○Making of report becomes easy.

  • By the use of exclusive soft "PCdesk" (for free) of electronic report or commercial tax practice, accounting softwareware ("eLTAX we limit to L tax" correspondence software), we can easily make report. In addition, we can prevent errors such as input, calculation by function to automatically calculate, too.



"eLTAX to use L tax"

Go through the procedure by yourself, or agent participates, "eLTAX the next preparations are necessary for L tax" about all tax payers, agents using electronic application.


The details are this →


≪"eLTAX is cautions in case of the L tax" use≫

1.Electronic reported person needs the use report for the first time.
  • The use report is procedure to use eLTAX.
  • We will have you report procedure for use report from eLTAX homepage.
  • The acquisition (card reader may be necessary) of electronic certificate costs.
  • Open hours is from 8:30 a.m. on weekdays to 8:00 p.m.
2.Electronic declaring person does not need the use report anymore in other local public entities.
  • Unlike electronic report (e-Tax: e-tax) of national tax, it is necessary to do additional registration of submission of application.
  • Such as PCdesk (for free) "eLTAX addition registration of submission ahead, please from L tax" correspondence software.
3.When it is reported corporation municipal tax by electronic report, payment is with the payment notice same as before, please.
  • As the electronic tax payment is not available in Tagawa-shi, payment is with payment notice, please.
4.When we do electronic application, reports such as corporation setting report or transfer report, we would like attachment of required document.
  • File format that you can attach is as follows. (as processing may not be carried out in ※ normalcy, please do not set file compression and password.)
    ".xls" ".doc" ".txt" ".pdf" ".jpg" ".csv" ".jaw" ".jbw" ".jfw" ".jtd" ".wk1" ".wk3" ".wk4" ".wj2" ".wj3"

For more details, please see eLTAX homepage.Illustration


※Inquiry about contents, procedure to local taxes computerization meeting
The use time: From 8:30 to 20:00 (except Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, New Year holidays)
Phone number 0570-081459 (nationwide city telephone rate)
IP telephone or PHS in the case of the use: 03-5339-6701 (normal call charge)
E-Mail: We would like than eLTAX homepage "inquiry".


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