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Seal registration

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When we do contract, the registration, the inheritance, buying and selling or money loan of real estate, seal registration certificate may be necessary. Issuance of certificate needs registration of, fault Ecklonia seal.

As we suffer serious damage when abused, the person, please perform seal registration if possible.


※Depending on purpose of use, we may not issue.


○Person who can register

Person (people under 15 and adult ward are excluded) who is doing resident registration in Tagawa-shi

○Person who can apply

The person or agent

○Seal which we can register

  • We express full name listed in Basic Resident Register or him, the name
  • Size of imprint is delivered to square that is with 25 millimeters or less of 8 millimeters or more
  • Seal which we can register is one one. We cannot register the same seal in families
    ※When you do not know seal which you can register in of foreign inhabitants, please confirm this.

※We cannot register things which is easy to be transformed such as rubber stamps and thing which indistinct thing of imprint, rim of seal of is chipped off.

○Necessary thing


●Application of the person

  • Seal to register
  • If there are any identification cards (including driver's license, passport) with photograph of the face of published by government offices, the same day registration is possible.

※When identity verification that identification card with photograph of the face of published by government offices grieves at is not possible, it is confirmation by mail as well as case of application of agent and is necessary for registration for 3-4 days.

●Application of agent

※We mail inquiry book to the person to confirm registration intention of the person. Applicant (the person) makes signature sealing (registration mark) after checking contents, and agent or applicant, please bring in citizen's section with necessary documents for seal to register, inquiry book, intention confirmation including health insurance card and rente of the person. 3-4 days are necessary for registration.


※In the case of seal registration application, even in the case of the person, please fill in the following application paper by all means at citizen's section window.

(for prevention of unjust registration. Thank you for your understanding.)


                                           Application sample

○Seal registration document


If registration is over, I hand seal registration document (fee 300 yen). When you request seal registration certificate, please keep carefully as you are necessary.


Button Request for seal registration certificate



Person who can apply

Necessary thing

Seal registration certificate

One 300 yen

・The person

Seal registration document (card)


Button Style of seal registration certificate grant application and entry example


☆Citizen's section window open hours from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (excluded for Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, New Year holidays)

                                           (only on every Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.)

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