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Taking care of of house dog, domestic cat is charged.

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In Fukuoka, we perform taking care of of dog/cat which we were not able to keep by unavoidable circumstances, but number of killed dog and cat strongly asks for having you keep pet till the last most in most, the prefecture in the whole country (lifetime breeding) by taking over.

We switched taking care of of dog/cat from owner to paid service to have you be aware of responsibility for breeding more for life.


(2007 statistics)
The number of the killing of dog and cat in Fukuoka
Dog 4,795
Cat 11,360
Total 16,155


Where is place of Q1 taking care of?

It is Tagawa health welfare office.


How much is fee of Q2 taking care of?

Dog/cat that dog/cat within 91 days after birth is 400 yen, 91 days after birth or more because of one of them is 2,000 yen because of one of them.


What should I do to ask for Q3 taking care of?

When you are asked taking care of, please connect with Tagawa health welfare office beforehand. In addition, on taking over, procedure for payment of fee, entry of hikitorisaruseisho is necessary.


Q4 reference?

Please contact Tagawa, Fukuoka health welfare office board of health.
Phone number is 42-9309.



Toward the owner of pet


● About taking care of of dog/cat

It is duty that owner should fulfil to keep pet with responsibility till the last.
When you cannot keep for unavoidable reason, please make maximum effort to find new owner by own responsibility.
We perform taking care of only when we can never find new owner.
In addition, most of dog/cat taken over are killed.


● Other responsibility

It is crime to abandon pet and becomes a target of fine 500,000 yen or less.
You perform discipline not to trouble another person, and please take care enough.
When responsibility is not popular with lives of born puppy, kitten, sterile castration operates, and let's prevent breeding.


To person who will keep pet from now on

It is to take responsibility for the life to keep pet. Let's discuss whether we are continued really keeping before keeping pet in whole family.

◇Main reason why owner asks for taking care of◇
(we may include until the future, and let's consider whether such a thing is avoided.)

  1.  We were not able to keep by moving
  2.  Puppy, kitten was born
  3.  Complaint came from neighborhood
  4.  Allergic symptom was given to child
  5.  We were not able to take care for disease
  6.  Care of pet which became old burdened
  7.  Owner died
  8.  We did not have time to take care of pet at employment, marriage, childbirth


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