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Child Rearing Allowance

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We contribute to promotion of stability and independence of life of single-parent homes by paying allowance about child who does not share living with father (mother) by divorce of parents, the death of father (mother) and are intended that we plan increase of the welfare of child.


Supply requirements

Person who brings up the child in place of mother (father) taking care of child (less than 20 years old as for impaired people that degrees are or more of people whom there is to March 31 in beginning after day when it reaches 18 years old) corresponding to any of the following or mother (father)

  • Child that parents dissolved the marriage (including common-law marriage)
  • Child that father (mother) died
  • Child in state (obstacle class first grade degree of pension) of obstacle of degree that father (mother) fixes for enforcement order
  • Child that life and death of father (mother) are not clear
  • Child who is abandoned more than one year by father (mother)
  • Child (August 1, 2012 ...) that father (mother) received DV protection order from court
  • Child that father (mother) is detained sequentially more than one year by laws and ordinances
  • Child who conceived without mother marrying

But we cannot receive medical treatment when we correspond to any of the following.

  • When even if mother (father) does not report the marriage, there is virtual marital status (including concubinage).
  • When target child entered child welfare institutions and was able to leave at foster parent.
  • When father (mother) who is going to be treated or rearer, target child do not have address in Japan.

    ※We are recognized under normal social conventions as cohabitation as couple between the people concerned with "the virtual marriage"

      Facts (as for frequent periodical visit and the support of periodical cost of living. It is question in having living together or not

      wanai says that) exists.



Income restrictions limit

When income of the previous year (year about person requesting from January through June before last) such as person who is going to be treated and duty of supporting person is sum (in the case of the person sum of some supply column) of the next table or more, we are not provided with medical treatment. We confirm income with tax roll.

(unit: Japanese yen)

The number of support relatives

Income restrictions of claimer

Spouse (in the case of father (mother) obstacle)
Duty of supporting person of living together
Rearers such as orphans

All supply

Some supply

0 people








Two people




Three people




Every one increase


(the addition)


(the addition)


(the addition)


[the amount of addition]



  • It is 100,000 yen per spouse targeted for old man subtraction or one old man support relative
  • It is 150,000 yen per authorized support relative or one support relative targeted for subtraction under 19 16 years old or older

○Rearers such as spouse (in the case of father (mother) obstacle), duty of supporting person, orphan of living together

When support relative shoots in two or more, and there is old man support relative, is 60,000 yen for old man support relative nobody (support relative as for the case only for old man support relative for one except one)

[main subtraction]

Allowance for disabled persons: 270,000 yen special person with a disability: 400,000 yen work-study student: 270,000 yen

Widow (husband) subtraction: 270,000 yen (※), special deduction for widows: 350,000 yen (※)

 (※) When recipient is mother (father), it is excluded

[calculation method of income]

  • When mother (father) or child receives the expense of bringing up children for applicable child from father (mother) of child whom mother (father) takes care of, the amount of 80% equivalency of the sum is added to income.
  • In the case of office worker
    "Main subtraction" of income = (annual income amount of money - earned income subtraction) + (amount of money equivalent to 80% of money and goods such as the expenses of bringing up children from father (mother) of child) -80,000 yen - above

 (note), as for the amount of this income, case only for earned income is sum after earned income subtraction. When there is the next subtraction

    Coming deducts the sum from the amount of income, and please compare with the amount of limit in table. In addition, with duty of supporting person

        We fix this for civil law Article 877 Paragraph 1 (we have a duty to support lineal relationship by blood and siblings each other)

        We do in this.

     In deduction from petty losses, the medical expenses subtraction, small-scale company, mutual aid latch subtraction is subtraction equivalency sum


Monthly basis (April, 2020 ...) of medical treatment

The number of the children

Medical treatment monthly basis in case of the total amount supply

Medical treatment monthly basis in case of some supply


43,160 yen

 10,180 yen - 43,150 yen

Two people

53,350 yen

 15,280 yen - 53,330 yen

Three people

59,460 yen

 18,340 yen - 59,430 yen

※Whenever one child increases as follows, we add up to 6,110 yen


※But person receiving public pension becomes supply for the balance when the sum is lower than the amount of Child Rearing Allowance.


Application and payment method

We file for authorization in child care support section.

You attach required document, and please file for request.

In addition, consultation, please confirm about required document at child care support section window.

We are provided with medical treatment from for in the next month of month when authorized day when we requested belongs.

In January, March, May, July, September, six times of November (when but the date of payment is holiday of financial institution << on 11th with each month business day >> just before that), medical treatment of share until the previous month of payment month are transferred to recipient account of appointed financial institution.


Some payment of allowance stop measures

As Child Rearing Allowance corresponding to requirements such as receipt period passing in five years is targeted for application of supply stop from April, 2008, procedure about receipt is necessary separately. But a part supply stop measures (a half of allowance) are not applied by having you submit documents proving excluded reason to "some supply stop application exclusion reason notification form" in total when you meet any of the following requirements.


<requirements such as passing from receipt of Child Rearing Allowance in five years>

(1) Reckon from the first day of medical treatment start month; and five years.

(2) Reckon from the first day of month when day when corresponded to payment of allowance requirements belongs; and seven years.

When it passed in either early person among the above.

 ※The next month in month when day when the child reached 3 years old about recipient taking care of children under 3 belongs

     Reckon of this from the first day; and five years.

 ※On day when did request for revision of sum when became increase of the staff about custody or child to bring up newly belong

     Reckon from the first day of the next month of month; and five years.


<excluded reason>

 ・We find a job.

 ・We are doing activity to plan independence such as job searches.

 ・In in body or mind have a defect.

 ・It is difficult to set to work by injury or illness.

 ・It is difficult to begin work by care.



Various reports

[report of present situation] 

 The present situation notice is notice to confirm the situation of income of the previous year of recipient and the situation of the expense of bringing up children of child as of August 1.

 Please submit by all means because you cannot receive supply of following medical treatment for November even if there is recipient qualification sequentially when we do not submit this notice. In addition, right to receive payment by statute of limitations disappears more than two years if there is not report.


[report of qualification loss] 

 The following case loses treated qualification. Please report immediately. You must return in full medical treatment that recipient qualification disappears, and was received.


 ・When we got married with target child. (living together is the same in concubinage, records at government and public offices, too)

 ・When we brought up target child and did not take care.

 ・When there were telephones which were anxious about safety from father (mother) of child whom we abandoned.

 ・When detained father (mother) detained, and he was removed.

 ・When target child entered child welfare institutions.


[other reports]

 When there was the increase and decrease of the number of the children to support when there were address, payment financial institution, change of full name, report is necessary when recipient and child came to be able to receive public pension.


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