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National Health Insurance tax

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As for the National Health Insurance tax, members is affected by disease and medical expenses when we were hurt.
Therefore burden on everybody grows big as the resources are necessary when medical expenses to pay increase.

(large review of National Health Insurance tax rate is thought about in some cases.)
Let's usually keep in mind in health promotion to hold down for you and medical expenses.



Button Tax rate (a+b+c) of 2019 National Health Insurance tax


For medical insurance

For elderly aged 75 or over support

For care insurance


a.Income percent




We calculate for income of the previous year including pension and salary (we calculate based on number that attracted 330,000 yen from "income" calculated than income of the previous year.)

b.Per capita rate

20,915 yen

15,674 yen

14,568 yen

We calculate for the number of people taking out National Health Insurance (please think with participation charges per person.)

c.Flat equal cleavage

17,882 yen

13,401 yen

8,856 yen

We calculate for each household (please think with participation charges per one household.)

d.Taxation limit

610,000 yen

190,000 yen

160,000 yen

It is the upper limit of annual net total. In addition, there are reduction measures depending on income of household, too.

※Precaution when we calculate

For care insurance does not hang over household where there is not No. 2 person insured (person of 40 years old - 64 years old).
In addition, the name hangs over health insurance card for all the appearing people, but "b. per capita rate" for for medical insurance and elderly aged 75 or over support suffers from "b. per capita rate" for care insurance only for No. 2 person insured.

      Excel Reduction list We open with the other window(Excel: 47 kilobytes)



    Button Reduction measures of National Health Insurance tax in person of involuntary unemployment

    When self convenience retired employee by unavoidable reason joined National Health Insurance other than people forced to the retirement on account of the employment side including bankruptcy, the closure, personnel cut in office, reduction of National Health Insurance tax takes a step by proposal.

     [eligible people]

      Person who acquires "identification of unemployment insurance qualified recipient" and satisfies all following in the mention contents.

       ・There be the quitting a job date after "March 31, 2009".

       ・Age as of quitting a job day being under 65 years old.

       ・Being "authorized qualified recipient" or "authorized reason retired employee."

         (cord of quitting a job reason correspond to either of "11,12,21,22,23,31,32,33,34".)

     [reduction contents]

      Earned income of the previous year is calculated for 30 per 100.

     [application method]

      Application in city hall Tax Affairs Section is necessary to receive this reduction.

       [necessary thing] ・Identification of unemployment insurance qualified recipient (copying of the original or job placement office issuance)

                 ・Seal (we do not mind in signet)

                 ※When payment notice of National Health Insurance tax arrives, we replace.

                  Take in total.


    Button Reduction of taxes measures (reduction of taxes about income decrease in new coronavirus infectious disease by influence) of National Health Insurance tax ※Only in 2020

    Please click this about reduction of taxes due to new coronavirus infectious disease. ⇒Corona reduction of taxesWe open with the other window (June 26, 2020 ...)



    Button Reduction of taxes measures (except reduction of taxes due to new coronavirus infectious disease) of National Health Insurance tax

    Income is more remarkable than income of the previous year, and, in people (reduction measures person in involuntary unemployment is excluded) forced to unemployment and business closing by bankruptcy, discharge, disease, obstacle, reduction of taxes of National Health Insurance tax takes a step by proposal for people who decreased sharply.

     [eligible people]

      Person who meets the following requirements.

      ・Income amount of money in this year of taxpayer and person insured with possibility in comparison with income amount of money of the previous year in lower than January 2


      ・Being admitted that recovery of life is difficult even if we utilize assets or ability of all the households.  

     [reduction of taxes contents]

      We are remitted according to rate of decline of income amount of money of the previous year and income.

     [application method]

      Application in city hall Tax Affairs Section is necessary to receive this reduction of taxes.

       ※As documents to understand of the income situation are necessary, please refer in detail.



    Button Of National Health Insurance tax put;

    Let's pay National Health Insurance tax before deadline.

    Demand, notification and seizure of property are performed when we do not put even if it is past deadline of the delivery, and arrearages may be added.

    [the normal collection]


    Deadline of the delivery

              One quarter         

                     July 1, 2019                 

    Two quarters

     July 31, 2019

    Three quarters

    September 2, 2019

    Four quarters

    September 30, 2019

    Five quarters

    October 31, 2019

    Six quarters

    December 2, 2019

    Seven quarters

    December 25, 2019

    Eight quarters

    January 31, 2020


    Please use "fund transfer" of relief with convenience!

     As it is paid from financial institution automatically in payment date if we make fund transfer, trouble to go omit to pay and does not forget to put.

     The handling financial institution is as follows. (random order)

    • Bank of Fukuoka
    • The Nishi-Nippon City Bank, Ltd.
    • Kyushu workers' credit union
    • Tagawa Shinkin Bank
    • Tagawa agricultural cooperative
    • Japan Post Bank and post office

    Please apply for procedure at each financial institution window. (we install application in each city shop window.)

    When you are applied at window of each suburbs shop, please contact city hall Tax Affairs Section (person in charge of storing).


    [thing necessary for procedure]

    Feel bank book, mark (report mark of bankbook), the tax payment notification



    Button About deduction (special collection) from pension

    When we correspond to all next in 74-year-old family nurturer from 65 years old taking out National Health Insurance, as a general rule, deduction (special collection) is considered to be from pension to be provided with in October.

    ○Applicable requirements

    All the members of National Health Insurance person insured in household are from 65 years old to 74 years old.

    Annual sums of pension targeted for special collection are 180,000 yen or more and put national health insurance tax and long-term care premiums together and do not exceed a half of the amount of pension either.

     ※We send news (notice of collection division change) to eligible people in the middle of July.

    ○Person that special collection begins from this year is ...

    Please usually put by the collection (window payment and fund transfer) to for September, but it is special collection (deduction from pension) from for October.

     ※After that person collected extra, please do not pay with payment notice for October.

    ○About deadline and amount of money of special collection

       ・ As, as for temporary collection ⇒ this time period, the amount of annual tax has not been settled yet in April, June, August, amount of money same as for in February

                         But, we are collected.

                         But due to the increase and decrease of the household number of people amount of money after October

                         When is anticipated that largely increase and decrease, is cho with amount of money for for June and August

                         We work to do * (equalization).

       ・In October, December, the remainder which subtracted the temporary collection from the amount of this collection ⇒ annual tax in February is collected.



    Button Replacing with deduction from pension, we can choose payment by fund transfer.

    [condition] Person who can pay coming National Health Insurance tax by fund transfer.
                (we may not do it due to nonpayment.)
                 ※ Annual sum of National Health Insurance tax does not change even if we do fund transfer!

    Person to change to payment method to fund transfer, please go through the procedure along the following procedures.

    ※It is not necessary for person not to take care of by deduction from pension to do this procedure!

    Procedure of person to change to payment method to fund transfer

    Special collection is stopped from proposing day in city hall by pension pay-out after three months.
     (when we, e.g., file by the end of September, it is stop from supporting Kyuubun in December.)

    In addition, as a general rule, about social insurance deduction of income tax in National Health Insurance tax and personal residence tax, it becomes the following handling. (on changes from special collection to fund transfer, please be careful in particular.)

    ⇒ When we pay premium by fund transfer, we apply to holder of a title deed of the account
    ⇒ When we pay from pension by special collection, we apply to recipient of the pension



    Button When we are behind with National Health Insurance tax

    • In response to demand, arrearages may be added.
    • Validity of health insurance card may become short (grant of identification of short-term person insured).
    • We have you return health insurance card, and person insured qualification is issued. Medical expenses when we consulted doctor are paid privately in full once.
    • We may prohibit all or part of payment of National Health Insurance.
    • Even if the above-mentioned nonpayment takes a step, household where nonpayment still continues is hit with all or part of the expense to nonpayment insurance tax when they receive payment of National Health Insurance.
    • Other than the above-mentioned nonpayment measures, we may perform disposition for failure to pay taxes such as seizing property.



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