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Introduction of settlement house

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Kami-ita settlement house

Kami-ita settlement house

Central settlement house

Central settlement house

Yugeta settlement house

Yugeta settlement house



Blank In settlement house

  In contact through course of hobby and various events, we carry out various activities as base of improvement of the welfare and inhabitants interchange of human rights enlightenment.

  There are three settlement houses of Kami-ita settlement house, the center settlement house, Yugeta settlement house in Tagawa-shi and is carrying out an active activity each now.



Blank With "the neighborhood" (rimpo) of settlement house

  In dictionaries, we write "people of the neighborhood" and "mutual help association organized by people of neighborhood". And, about "settlement" (rimpojigyo) of content working on in settlement house, it is written thing similar to settlement.

  Settlement (exercise) is volunteer activity that occurred to relieve people who are in trouble economically in the U.K. in the latter half of the 19th century. Similar exercise happens in Japan about 100 years ago (Meiji middle part), and it is said that that is beginning of settlement.

  After the Great Kanto Earthquake, example which student and professors of Tokyo Imperial University (the present University of Tokyo) build barrack hut in court noble ward (present Koto-ku) of Tokyo for relief of people whom there was for disaster, and worked is reported.

  What is utilized as place of human rights learning and enlightenment does not change in all ages, but character as base where people in various generations gather from child to elderly person becomes strong now.




Blank Holding of course

  We hold various courses as part of business in settlement house.

  Attendance period is one year and is opening of a course of April every year. Offer of student goes every year in the beginning of March.



Blank Conduct of consultation duties

   Affect consultation, human rights in life of local resident as part of business in settlement house; provide consultation.


Blank Opening time

 ● Opening time :Until from 8:30 to 17:00

 ● Closed days: Until Saturday, Sundays and holidays, from December 29 to January 3


    ※ On the course date, we are opened in closed days



Blank As the welfare refuge

  Central settlement house, Yugeta settlement house is appointed Kami-ita settlement house in the welfare refuge of Tagawa-shi at the time of disaster caused by typhoon or heavy rain. Multipurpose restroom for ostomate is established in central settlement house, too. Please feel free to contact.


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