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About land ownership investigation business

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This investigation is important country investigation carried out with thing which should be also known as national census of land all over the country.

Family register (land ownership) is on land so that we have family register.

However, not only as most, size and form, next drawing are not correct in comparison with real land, thing that important public sectional map was made at the time of early land tax reforms as record of land in the Meiji era cannot protect valuable land of, but also becomes cause to have border dispute.

Example of public sectional map and example of land-register map


Land ownership investigation Web site 
(we comment on → land ownership investigation in detail. The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism land ownership Maintenance Division)


With land ownership investigation business


For the purpose of clarification of land ownership, it is business carried out based on the country investigation method.
We investigate owner, lot number, classification of land and category, border about each land and, based on public sectional map and register of Legal Affairs Bureau (registry office), survey residential land, the fields, the forest, road and make high maps (land-register map) of precision.


We fixed main use of land for classification of land and category, and there are 23 kinds.

Field, field, residential land, school land, railroad site, Shiota, the mineral spring ground, ponds and marshes, the forest, ranch, the wilderness, graveyard, the precincts ground, canal site, water supply site, business bad waterway, reservoir, bank, well sulcular protected forest, road, park for the public, mongrel place



■ Flow of land ownership investigation


(1)Execution plan making of land ownership investigation

In area that is going to carry out investigation, we perform discussion and investigation with related organizations and make plan when you investigate.


(2)The election of member of promotion

We choose member of local promotion so that field work is carried out smoothly definitely and we have cooperation of member of promotion and push forward investigation.


(3)Local briefing session of land ownership investigation

Photograph 01

As we have local inhabitants investigating attract and explain contents of land ownership investigation or the method, understanding, please enough.





(4)Threshold surveying (figure root point surveying)

Photograph 02

Based on control point that Geographical Survey Institute established, we install standard of surveying and stake that it is in survey by everybody district. We do not show border of land, and this standard stake reads correct position on the earth, and is standard of surveying and point where it is.
As we may install in the personal land then, I would like cooperation on this occasion.
When standard stake becomes trouble, it is great trouble, but please contact country investigation room.


(5)A brief note place investigation (setting of border attendance, border stake)

Photograph 03

By land ownership investigation, setting of this border stake is the most important work.
We have landowners make range of own land clear. In reference to material which we made based on public sectional maps, we confirm border.
In addition, member of local promotion, city officials, investigation trust supplier joins this field work.
When border with adjoining land is never decided, it becomes "brush world undecided" (we buy and see). In this case, we understand enough purpose of this investigation, and border, please decide by all means as serious trouble and expense suffer to survey for their expenses when border was decided among owners after the land ownership investigation, and to apply to Legal Affairs Bureau for map and correction of acreage of a plot of land.


※Precaution at the time of border attendance

Photograph 04  Border stake

As for border stake to install, the head is red plastic stake, of boundary line of land compromise, and install every point. When stakes of concrete are already buried, please know clearly.
We confirm installed border stake by one locally and install number plate and perform field work for each land.


●We can perform next by land ownership investigation.

  1. 1.gohitsu (when in condition)
  2. 2.Share brush
  3. 3.Classification of land and category change (discussion with agriculture committee is necessary about transfer of farmland.)

● We cannot perform next by land ownership investigation.

  1. 1.Change (as for the proprietary rights moves by the inheritance.) of owner
  2. 2.The division by share and the inheritance
  3. 3.gohitsu with difference in right setting
  4. 4.Changes of classification of land and category to be related to Agricultural Land Law


(6)A brief note place surveying

We survey border stake which we hit to land of everybody definitely. In this way, position of land becomes able to display with coordinate level on the earth.


(7)Making of area calculation and land-register map, land ownership book

We make drawing based on result of surveying and calculate area.


(8)Reading (reading period 20 days) of result

As you arrange opportunity called "reading" when land-register map and land ownership book is completed, please confirm the result to everybody directly. As it is opportunity when everybody confirms as owner, we do not forget on this occasion, and please come.
Please report by any chance when results include errors. Result of land ownership investigation confirmed here becomes result of the final land ownership investigation.


(9)The certification and sending (the registration of Legal Affairs Bureau) of result

After having received approval of country and the certification of the prefecture last, we send finished result to Legal Affairs Bureau (registry office), and, as for the land-register map, it is new public sectional map, and register is revised based on land ownership book.
In this way, land ownership investigation original purpose would be accomplished.
※ As you do not issue deed newly even if indication matter of register changes, please keep current deed carefully.



■ Progress in Tagawa-shi

In Tagawa-shi, we started in business from Yugeta district (administrative border of Itoda-machi, former Shonai-machi) from 2003 and we could enter subjects of survey and planned business deployment by the two groups system and we could enter subjects of survey and, from 2009, added Ikari district to Natsuyoshi district of subjects of survey the three groups system in 2013, and Ita districts were surveyed for three years from 2014 and, from 2005, did Inokuni district (administrative border of former Yamada-shi) with the five groups system. At the present from 2017, we plan progress of business by the four groups system.

As of March, 2018, 25.50㎢ has been completed and, among whole area of Tagawa-shi 54.55㎢, becomes about 51.71% of progress rate.

Investigation area of 2018 is part 0.33㎢ (cadastral survey 0.33㎢) of part (a brief note place investigation 1.38㎢), Ikari district of part 0.78㎢ (cadastral survey 0.38㎢ and a brief note place investigation 0.40㎢), Ito district of part 0.65㎢ (cadastral survey 0.28㎢ and a brief note place investigation 0.37㎢), Natsuyoshi district of part 0.70㎢ (cadastral survey 0.38㎢ and a brief note place investigation 0.32㎢), Ita district of Kawamiya district.
Progress and 2018 land ownership investigation business operation areas are as follows.



  • ■ Effect of land ownership investigation

    • Right about land such as borders becomes clear.
    • We make modifications of the items mentioned of register and can arrange.
    • As drawing fits the field, safe land transaction is made, and fungohitsu becomes easy.
    • Land-register map has ability for reconstruction locally even if border becomes unclear, and the field can restore border exactly.
    • As for the land-register map, public works projects are smooth as map with high precision; can carry out.
    • Even if disasters such as landslide, flood happen, the local reconstruction is possible, and restoration construction is possible smoothly.
    • The location, classification of land and category, acreage of a plot of land, owner of land becomes clear and leads to adequacy of taxation such as property tax.
    • Land utility plans can use result of land ownership investigation as various administrative materials as basic data.


    ■ About grants such as land ownership investigation result

    In Tagawa-shi, we began paid grants such as land ownership investigation result on April 1, 2014.

    We had the ground incarnation check border, and areas of land where surveying was completed started grants such as figures of collection that positions of acreage of a plot of land survey map and land where it was revealed could confirm. For more details, please confirm reading such as the following land ownership investigation result and grant application acting director summary. In addition, in the case of grant, please be careful as submission of grant application (the style first) is necessary for land ownership investigation result.

    In addition, about public office, submission of grant application (style No. 2) is necessary for land ownership investigation result.


    Attachment Reading such as Tagawa-shi land ownership investigation result and grant application acting director summary With new window(PDF: 245.5 kilobytes)



    When when there are thresholds in construction point, transference of the stake is necessary, in country investigation room beforehand
    Please contact.
    Measures such as being restored to the original state, or transferring to original position after the construction completion by all means when we remove at one time
    We would appreciate your taking.

    Example of threshold



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