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About kind treatment of interest rates such as home loans by the conclusion of inclusion cooperation agreement

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We concluded inclusion cooperation agreement that the city financial institution waited and cooperated with Tagawa-shi in various approaches of people, work construction (local construction) on October 27, 2016.


Interest rate kind treatment of "home loan" (the purchase, house repair of new construction, house) that Tagawa citizens use as one of the measures for emigration, domiciliation promotion in cooperation cooperation item of this inclusion cooperation agreement by this conclusion begins.


<as for the interest rate kind treatment of "home loan" from basic money rates 0.1% of interest cuts>


※ When we used home loan of financial institution which concluded Tagawa-shi and inclusion cooperation agreement, it is limited that we can receive kind treatment of interest rate.

※ About "repair of empty house" and "the dismantling of empty house", there is reduction of interest rate depending on financial institution.


 The interest rate preferential treatment start date of each financial institution

(1) Bank of Fukuoka             November 11, 2016

(2) The Nishi-Nippon City Bank, Ltd.     November 1, 2016

(3) FUKUOKA CHUO BANK Ltd.        October 28, 2016

(4) Tagawa Shinkin Bank                 November 1, 2016

(5) Tagawa agricultural cooperative             October 28, 2016



Summaries of inclusion cooperation agreement are as follows.


Purpose of 1 agreement conclusion

We wait and plan realization of people, job construction by financial institution cooperating with Tagawa-shi mutually, and performing close cooperation in various fields affecting activation of Tagawa-shi.


2 cooperation cooperation items

In this inclusion cooperation agreement, we decide to cooperate with each other in item to raise next.

(1) Thing about industrial development and support of medium and small-sized business

(2) It is thing about creation of support or other new industry of becoming the sixth industry

(3) Thing about promotion of local employment and securing of human resources of company

(4) Thing about sightseeing promotion

(5) Thing about promotion of emigration and domiciliation

(6) Thing about child care support

(7) Thing about approach to contribute to activation of other Tagawa-shi


Financial institutions in the city that concluded 3 Tagawa-shi and inclusion cooperation

(1) Bank of Fukuoka and Fukuoka Financial Group Inc.

(2) Nishi-Nippon City Bank, Ltd. and West Japan financial Holdings


(4) Tagawa Shinkin Bank

(5) Tagawa agricultural cooperative                                               

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