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About offer of public information paper advertisement

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 In Tagawa-shi, we secure new resources and, for the purpose of contributing to healthy financial administration, make insertion column for Tagawa-shi public information paper "Newsletter Tagawa".

 As insertion to this column is perfect opportunity to publicize group and company for citizen and area, please consider.
 In addition, we would like application and inquiry to the following advertising agency as Tagawa-shi and advertising agency which contracted handle advertisement.



Application, reference




    21-26, Shiniizuka, Iizuka-shi AS building 3F

    Telephone: 0948-52-3244

  FAX: 0948-52-3243



 ※From advertising agency and relations of term of a contract with advertiser, insertion you like may not be made.


Standards of advertisement

 ⑴ Insertion 

   Newsletter Tagawa twice a month among issuance daily issue (12 times a year)

 ⑵ Publication page

   Around a one-fifth page of one of five pages of Newsletter Tagawa information intersection principle

 ⑶ Standard of advertisement

   It is within 46 millimeters in height X 178 millimeters in width  ※Publication of plural advertisers is possible, too

 ⑷ The printing color

   Monochromatic print



Summary and standard

 On application, you read the following, and please confirm detailed publication conditions.



    (about restrictions of type of industry and contents of advertisement) 


    (about procedure or condition of advertisement)


    (note) advertisement placed in Newsletter Tagawa is thing published based on standard that Tagawa-shi establishes, but, about publication contents and advertiser, Tagawa-shi recommends or do not guarantee.
     All responsibility about advertisement contents publishing belongs to advertiser.

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    Tagawa-shi government office

    1-1, Chuomachi, Tagawa-shi, Fukuoka
    Tel: 0947-44-2000 (main)
    Copyright (C) City of Tagawa