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Emergency broadcast system

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With 1 emergency broadcast system

 We tell about smooth evacuation advisory and instructions when heavy rain and typhoon, information about disasters such as earthquakes, disaster and outbreak of disaster are predicted by radio broadcasting for citizen's all at once and are facilities to transmit surely quickly. The outdoor reception child situation to broadcast built more in 88 places from 49 city from October 6, 2010. We may broadcast public information as well as disaster occurrence. I would like understanding and cooperation.


List of outdoor reception child station



 Chinzei district

 Ita district

 Kanagawa district

 Civic center


Ikari (the 16th branch office hangar)

Kami-Ita hangar

Kami-Ita west public hall

Kami-Ita east public hall

Upper plateau temple (prefectural road goes)

Koga-cho public hall

Swan industrial park

Shiroyama housing complex (the park)

Central housing complex (meeting place)

Chinzei junior high school

Class whetstone meeting place

Engineering works section material depot

Plain (Ikari police box)

Way hand meeting place

Mitsui chinzei

Yosigatani second meeting place

Ita elementary school

Itamachi (the eleventh branch office hangar)



Kawabata-cho (JA Tagawa)

Kirigaoka public hall

Shimo-Ita (Hashimoto meeting place)

Azumacho industrial park

Azumacho public hall

Hotarugaoka public hall








Izumigaoka (Natsuyoshi hometown museum trace)

Iwaya public hall


Remote country place bridge

Kanagawa Elementary School

The Kanagawa soil improved facility

Kiyose meeting place

Sakuragaoka public hall

Municipal hospital

Tanagi meeting place

Natsuyoshi public hall



hoshisei (the back of the public hall charnel)

Midorigaoka public hall

Yoshida (the thirteenth branch office hangar)


Silver human resources center

Coal Memorial Park

General gymnasium

Tagawa-shi government office

Tagawa Elementary School

The Tagawa district firefighting headquarters

Three angles of Hiramatsu Park













Tagawa district 

 Gotoji district

 Yugeta district

 Iikane district

Sakuracho public hall

Shinseicho public hall

Tagawa Junior High School

Nishihiramatsu public hall

One ward of Matsubara

Three wards of Matsubara

Matsubara distributing reservoir








Izushicho (Gotoji-nishi housing complex)

Oura (Oura municipal house)

Mountain housing complex (prefectural road goes) on Oura

Kasuga Bridge

Nishihoncho public hall

Honcho (the first branch office hangar)

Maruyama-cho (Maruyama Park)








Morning close Shinto shrine

Iwashita meeting place

Upper Yugeta (the fourth branch office hangar)


Tide Igawa (new Kawamiya public hall)

Lower Yugeta public hall

Tatsumi Park

Nara forest ka tsubo (meeting place)

Ash soil meeting place

The stern

Choice (the sixth branch office hangar)

Letter mountain housing complex public hall

Yugeta settlement house

Old man farm

One ward of Iikane (Inokuni public hall)

Two wards of Iikane (the wild boar knee public hall side)

Three wards of Iikane (communities center)

Four wards of Iikane (the fourth branch office hangar)

Five wards of Iikane (lower Ito citizen)

Six wards of Iikane (Shinjo public hall)

Iikane baseball stadium

Iikane seven wards meeting place

Three shop

Nagao public hall







About 2 music chimes

 When or "we always operate normally" confirms "is it not out of order?" because it is necessary for this outdoor reception child station to broadcast to citizen's in emergency such as cases that disaster produced surely, we broadcast music chime (tankobushi bell sound) every day in the evening so that it is in "indication at return time" of children. [as for summer (from April to September) as for evening 6:00, winter season (from October to March) evening 5:00]

 As there might be trouble when we do not hear music chime (tankobushi bell sound) from the outdoor reception child station installing in each area, we would appreciate your telling to city hall. In addition, you let child know about meaning of music chime so that criminal is not involved after becoming darkness at home where child comes to, and please use as a guide of return time.

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