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About advertisement offer of Tagawa-shi sign

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 Do you not place advertisement in advertising space of "Tagawa-shi sign" to install in the entrance hall of main government building?
 As it is citizen who can come to city hall and perfect opportunity to publicize group and company for area, please consider about publication of advertisement to Tagawa-shi sign by all means. 


  Setting image figure of sign

 It is sign and publication image of advertisement, indication of rate to install. For details, please refer to the following advertising agency. 

The figure of sign image small 

  As we prepare for data of PDF when contents want to be confirmed with bigger image, please see by all means.  


      Setting place

     The Tagawa-shi main government building the first floor entrance protection from the wind room 



      Application, reference

      As Tagawa-shi and advertising agency which contracted handle setting of sign, we would like application and inquiry to the following advertising agency.

     Indication light Fukuoka branch office charge: Nakamura


     2-14-8, Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi Tenjin, Fukuoka center Building

     Telephone: 092-761-2611 (main)



      Summary and standard

     When you apply, you read the following, and please confirm detailed publication conditions.


    (note) advertisement placed in Tagawa-shi sign is thing publishing based on standard that Tagawa-shi establishes, but, about publication contents and advertiser, Tagawa-shi recommends or do not guarantee.
     All responsibility about advertisement contents publishing belongs to advertiser.

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