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We produced promotion video and brochure to send various area resources and charm to the history or nature, culture of city widely.


We want to be photographer, and main character, azalea doing nothing but ascetic practices day in and day out in Tokyo returns home after a long absence in hometown (Tagawa-shi) energized on God good luck feast day of early summer. Charm of hometown that did not notice when we lived and story that comes to strongly think, we want to tell person that there is many by "charm of hometown while we touch cityscape which we saw, beauty of nature, warmth of people through lens. We were particular about "all tagawa" in music, the casts, and main performer did music with Tagawa-shi native place or resident, incumbent including Saki Owada of the part of main character, azalea using musical piece of person from Tagawa-shi.

◆The supervision

Scriptwriter, Kazuki Nakashima (tagawa charm Ambassador Kojo)



To production of video, we produced tourist brochure to introduce famous place or meal, the history in the city to. We linked contents of brochure to promotion video, and brochure and video assumed contents which supplemented both sides.

Saki Owada profile

Fukuoka Prefecture tagawa city native place, Tateda, Fukuoka River High School graduation
(main appearance works)
2011 Miss universe Japan 2011 Kyushu meeting finalist
2016 NHK Saturday historical drama "chushin ... of love - 48th of Chushingura" /
/ Nippon Television where drama affiliated with Fuji TV "will get married suddenly for 2,017 years tomorrow"
System drama "aerial female office worker diary" / movie "invader who takes a walk" (supervision: Kiyoshi Kurosawa) ※September 9 exhibition /
Is going to be released 2018; movie "handing over" (supervision: kamonikusei) /
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Tagawa-shi government office
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Tagawa-shi government office

1-1, Chuomachi, Tagawa-shi, Fukuoka
Tel: 0947-44-2000 (main)
Copyright (C) City of Tagawa