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List of 2015 (the third) Tagawa-shi assembly June ordinary assembly general interpellation

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● General interpellation of ordinary assembly is carried out in two days on Tuesday on Monday, June 29, 30th in June.


   ※Member of the Diet with denomination name is questioning.  (question time is around one hour including statement)




 The first day

Monday, June 29

 10:00 ...




Ryuichi Katsuki
(Social Democratic Party municipal assembly members)

About promotion of 1 small number of people class
About the issue of reorganization of 2 junior high schools

About 3 Tagawa district secondary education environment maintenance Exploratory Committees




Ozaki Yukihito
(refreshing breeze society)

About school lunch of 1 junior high school

About 2 scholastic ability improvement measures




Hidehiko Kato
(Komeito's member of city assembly corps) 

About school lunch in 1

About Streptococcus pneumoniae vaccine vaccination for 2 adults




 Takanori Rikuta
(hole will society)


About policy of the mayor about measure of 1 future



Takako Kakita
(Japanese Communist Party city assembly members) 

Point out town development of 1 citizen collaboration

About 2 employment

About appointment of woman in each 3 council

 The second day

Tuesday, June 30 

 10:00 ...




Satoru Fujisawa


About development of 1 Tagawa-shi fifth comprehensive plan, late basic plan





Kota Ueki


About basic posture of 1 mayor

About 2 city planning

About nationwide local elections of 3 April, 2015




Kazuyuki Ishimatsu

About 1 SSW (school social worker)
About 2 development obstacle support




 Yasutoshi Yoshioka

About 1 disaster prevention

About inflection of 2 children, child care support new system




Shunnichi Sato

About 1 my number system

About influence on citizens by review of system such as medical care, care of two countries

About political posture of 3 mayors

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