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List of 2013 (the fifth) Tagawa-shi assembly December ordinary assembly general interpellation

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● General interpellation of ordinary assembly is carried out in two days on Friday on Thursday, December 5, 6th in December.


   ※Member of the Diet with denomination name is questioning.  (question time is around one hour including statement)




 The first day

Thursday, December 5

 10:00 ...




Takako Kakita

(Japanese Communist Party city assembly members)

About 1 education measure

About town development (barrier-free) of 2 welfare

About subsidy program to 3 low-income people




Makoto Sasaki

(Social Democratic Party municipal assembly members)

About approach of reform improvement campaign of duties in 1 our city

About approach to 2 company invitation upbringings, employment problem




 Futaba Kimito

(refreshing breeze society)

About construction of 1 regional sightseeing interchange center

About 2 industrial development policies

About 3 new refuse dump construction


 Kota Ueki

(municipal administration society)


About investigation about influence to the outskirts with 1 high-rise





Takanori Rikuta

(meeting of wing)

About the way of support for 1 single-parent home

About measures about 2 lifestyle-related diseases

 The second day

Friday, December 6 

 10:00 ...




Shunnichi Sato

About plan for social security change for the worse of 1 government

About 2 farm village promotion

About 3 shopping weaks measures




 Kazuyuki Ishimatsu

About 1 special support education

About inflection of 2 SSW (school social worker)




Hidehiko Kato

About medical checkup of 1 citizen

About 2 polling place admission tickets




 Kazutomo Kaneko

About town development by 1 public and private sectors cooperation

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