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○With community bus

  Clear definition is not to community bus, but local government says carryall participating in service in one way or another generally to supplement public transport such as existing route bus or railroad, and to plan cancellation of traffic blank area and traffic inconvenience area.


○Service day

  Service only for weekdays

 [) is suspended for Saturdays, Sundays and holidays and year-end and New Year (from December 30 to January 3]


○Fare (all line one laws)

  Luck     Wage: It is 200 yen about once ride

  Less than primary schoolchild: Free of charge


○Service route

 "Sakatani, Tagawa disease train of government-controlled system," "facility loop line" travels "Ikari, Matsubara Line" "Oura, Yugeta Line" on 6 lines of "swan industrial area line" in total "chinzei, Kanagawa line".

Position of service route and bus stop



○Service vehicle

[service vehicle except "chinzei, Kanagawa line"]
Service vehicle except "chinzei, Kanagawa line"
Microbus (28-passenger)
[service vehicle of "chinzei, Kanagawa line"]
Service vehicle of "chinzei, Kanagawa line"
Jumbo taxi (nine-passenger)


○Mark of bus stop

  Signboard that stop of Tagawa-shi community bus is blue is mark. There is place where only one side traffic lane sets up bus stop by place. In that case, meeting of bus stop in one side becomes getting on and off position.

  ※There is no blue signboard only at iris ke hakuikenyukuchi bus stop of "chinzei, Kanagawa line".

   [example of bus stop]

  [example of bus stop]


○Reduced fare

  By Tagawa-shi community bus, we sell coupon ticket, commuter pass, daily free ticket. These discount coupon is available on all Tagawa-shi community bus lines. 

 (1)Attachment Coupon ticket With new window(PDF: 629.1 kilobytes)

   Sales price: 2,000 yen [200 yen *11 piece spelling]

   Sale place: The bus inside of car, Tagawa yard car Ita office (bus Division) [telephone: 0947-46-4411]

 (2)Attachment Commuter pass With new window(PDF: 160.6 kilobytes)

   Sales price: 6,000 yen [one month]

   Sale place: Tagawa yard car Ita office (bus Division) [telephone: 0947-46-4411] 

 (3)Attachment Daily free ticket With new window(PDF: 976 kilobytes)

   Sales price: 500 yen

   Sale place: The bus inside of car


○Instructions of reduced fare

  (1)Coupon ticket

  ・There is expiration date.

  ・Refund of thing separated even once and thing which is over expiration date

   We cannot do it.

  ・We cannot reissue even if lost.

 (2)Commuter pass

  ・After day available with or without use cannot refund.

  ・We cannot reissue even if lost.

  ・We cannot use one except holder of a title deed.

  ・We include remarking for two weeks on the use starting date.

 (3)Daily free ticket

  ・We cannot use other than the issue date (date of purchase).

  ・After the purchase cannot refund.

  ・We cannot reissue even if lost.


○Discount bus ticket

 We do shopping at gotoji mall, Ita mall and distribute free of charge ticket for once toward the use by Tagawa-shi community bus. We can use reduced fare ticket only for issue date.
 For more details, please refer to gotoji mall promotion association (Phone: 0947-42-0735), Ita mall promotion association (Phone: 0947-44-6161) or each store.



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