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 Offer contents


Offer of this empty house is said to be "empty house waiting" that we touch order beforehand and register entering candidate of empty house where outbreak is expected with in future, and it is not said that we can enter immediately even if registered.

When empty house is done, registered one mediates house according to lottery order. (about lottery order, it is decided by result of public lottery that Tagawa-shi house management public corporation performs.)
As we mail lottery number vote to one applied for later, please be kept carefully.

In addition, please note that you may change mediation order when it is urgent, and entering applicant needing securing of house occurs by disasters particularly.


(general incorporated foundation) Tagawa-shi house management public corporation performs the cause, lottery of staff of Tagawa-shi building house section call. (as having attendance or not to lottery does not influence lottery result, you do not need to be able to attend at lottery.)
In addition, person that viewing is hoped for, please arrive as we are released about lottery.
In addition, applicant cannot operate lottery machine as staff of Tagawa-shi house management public corporation which Section Manager Tagawa-shi building Sumitaku elected performs operation of lottery machine.

3.Lottery method

About lottery, staff of Tagawa-shi house management public corporation draws lots every housing complex of applicant desired and, by lottery number of extracted lottery number vote, decides lottery order.


[lottery example]
○○○When we draw lots in nine housing complex applicants, we decide lottery order by lottery number extracted than lottery machine as follows.

(result lottery example extracted than lottery machine)

 Lottery order

 Lottery number

 The filling a vacancy first

 The fifth

 The filling a vacancy second

 The seventh

 The filling a vacancy third

  The first

 The filling a vacancy ninth

 The third

4.About lottery result

We will tell all the applicants about lottery result by postcard after the next day on lottery day. (we cannot answer inquiry over telephone at all.)
In addition, we are released on window of Tagawa-shi house management public corporation and homepage (


 Application qualification

We cannot apply for one applied for to municipal house if we do not meet the next condition from 1 to 10.

1.Entering applicant is adult (including married person younger than 20 years)

But the following cases are disqualified.

(a) Application with relative whom there is not of reason to live together in particular including living together with separation, couple who separated household unnaturally including separation of parents and relative whom person is whom you should support elsewhere

(i) When divorce planned one does not have presentation of copy of a person's family register proving divorce by entering decision day or divorce acceptance certificate

(u) When we cannot confirm one of concubinage with resident's card

(e) When one getting engaged does not have presentation of resident's card proving the marriage within three months from day of entering decision or marriage acceptance certificate

(o) When application needs care of time when it is the way goes alone to have remarkable disability in in body or mind

2.One that meets income standard

※With revised (the April 1, 2012 enforcement) such as the government Housing Act, entering income standards changed.

Including income of family (including fiance) who is going to live together, it is necessary for monthly income after subtraction to be the next amount of money.

In municipal house (public housing, improved house), the amount of income standard monthly income that we can enter is determined.

<income standard of public housing>

 In the case of general household   Thing that is less than amount of monthly income 158,000 yen   Principle hierarchy household
 In the case of elderly person, person with a disability household   Thing that is less than amount of monthly income 214,000 yen  Discretion hierarchy household (※)

 <income standard of improved house>

 In the case of the public, elderly person, person with a disability household   Thing that is less than amount of monthly income 158,000 yen

※For more details, please refer to [income standard chart].


※With discretion hierarchy household

(a) One 60 years or older or person who was born before April 1, 1956
Or it is household consisting of one 60 years or older or person born before April 1, 1956 and one younger than 18 years

(i) Household where there is person with a physical disability (certificate of the physically disabled 1-4 grade)

(u) Household where there is person (special clause symptom - Clause 6 symptom of pension law separate table and first subsection symptom) receiving grant of war disabled notebook

(e) Household where is where it was authorized by the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare that we received medical payment under the influence of in one that received grant of health handbook of an A-bomb victim and being bombed

(o) Household where is which reckons from day when we withdrew to this country in repatriates (one that the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare proved) from foreign countries, and does not pass in five years

(xiv) Household where there is mental patient (mental patient health welfare notebook 1, second grade degree)

(ki) Household where there is mentally-disabled person () to remove slightness of B of nursing notebook severe or moderate degree (nursing notebook)

(ku) People of leper house entrance

(ke) Child care household (household where child is where is lower than junior high student) ※It is standard in entering decision time

(ko) Newly-married household (younger than 80 years old the total of age in) on day when we include applicant and spouse (common-law marriage and were listed in relation of resident's card with "husband of non-notice" or "wife of non-notice" in the case of (common-law marriage on day of notification of the marriage of) and from that date household for less than three years).

3.One that is not appreciated now in house

As a general rule, we cannot apply for one of jika and resident (holder of a title deed) of public housing (municipal management, town management under prefectural management, village). For more details, please refer at the time of entering application.

4.Person who has not done abuse (annoying act, rent nonpayment) in municipal house in the past

5.One to money of delivery for city tax or other city without nonpayment

6.Person who runs original living, and can pay rent and deposit for rent three months

7.Person who can do cohabitation peacefully

   We cannot keep animals such as dog or cat in housing complex.

8.On entering, joint surety (for one person) is necessary

   Joint surety runs original living and asks for one with the above-mentioned income (pensioner and welfare recipient are excluded) with applicant at the same level.

9.Person who performs alien registration about foreigner

10.Applicant or living together relative do not be "gangster (the following, gangster) to prescribe in law Article 2 sixth about prevention of unjust act by gangster"



 Invalidity, disqualification of application

We assume the following case, application reception desk, lottery result invalidity or disqualification.

  1. When there was mention of injustice to application
  2. When necessary matters such as housing complexes desired are not listed
  3. Application qualification cries
  4. When we repeated and applied
  5. When documents (imperfect documents) needing presentation are not submitted by deadline for application
  6. Change (except case of birth, the death) of living together relative after application does not accept
  7. When it was revealed that applicant or living together relative was gangster



 Rent of house

About rent of public housing, rent of each resident is decided by the income situation of resident, floor space, convenience of house.

In addition, about rent of improved house, rent of house to enter by floor space in the construction year is determined.



 About object of preferential treatment

Which cannot enter municipal house assigns two lottery numbers (consecutive number) even if we receive lottery by periodical offer more than twice in succession. Among lottery results, it is order that higher number does not overwhelm.

But we do not become a target about one where entering was declined though we received mediation of house.


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